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About this mod

This huge project has been created to increase the variety of available in vanilla game armor and adds some more equipment which greatly create new feel of the game.

Permissions and credits

Vanilla Armor Sets
which you could obtain in vanilla are only designed, i didn't change stats of armor to keep base game balance.
Changes are included for:

- Hide Armor Set
- Studded and Scaled Armor Set
- Iron and Banded Iron Armor Set
- Steel Armor Set
- Orcish Armor Set
- Elven Armor Set
- Leather Armor Set
- Fur Armor Set
Also you should find some new variations of vanilla armors
New Armor Sets
Some of added armors are just  for fractions (which are not added to vanilla outfits, for keep the compatibility with other fraction armor mods; i wanna use these armors for my own projects), but also i added few new armor sets, incl.:
- Chainmal Armor Set
- Lamellar Armor Set
- Leather Banded Armor
- Redguard Armor Set
- Quilted Armor Set

1.1 Update
- fix missing texture issues
- adds more crafting recipes
- fix missing Companion's boots and gauntlets model
- steel gauntlets glitch removed
- adds new pants model for Companion Armor
- optimalized textures resolution (if you prefer the original 2-4k textures you can overwrite them from mentioned below mods, without any problems)
- remodeled Kettle helmet for Argonian race

1.1.1 Patch
- fixed missing pants textures for Elven Armor Set (male)

1.1.1 Patch
- fixed missing lamellar helmet model

1.1.3 Patch
- fixed missing pants textures for Elven Armor Set (female)

1.2 Update
- new pauldron model for Haldyn's Armor
- changed textures for Steel Armor, Leather Banded Armor and Chainmal Armor 
- adds better specular system for Chainmal Armor
- two new sets of Armor - Nord Hero Set and Breton Knight Set
- adds Brigand Armor, (marked as a bandit armor, which should be commented e.g. by a guards)
- more crafting recipes; Redguard Armor set is now craftable

1.3 Update
- new armor: Steel Banded

1.4 Update
- few retextures
- addded Steel Banded Boots and Gauntlets

1.4.1 Patch
- renamed Steel Banded set to Banded Steel (to making them more similar to vanilla's Banded Iron set)
- Steel Kettle Mesh Fix - now longer haircuts will no longer stick out from helmet

1.5 Update
- added new armor: Steel Studded

1.6 Update
- added new armor: Steel Shirtless

1.6.1 Patch
- fix Shirtless Steel Armor model parts


SSE to LE conversion by me

Thank you NEKOSHAMA for reporting several bugs which was included in my mod 

All rights of assets used in my mod are belongs to their authors