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Exactly what it says on the tin - this is a preset of Seth, the Ancient Egyptian God of War and Desert, from the Korean webtoon/manhwa ENNEAD by Mojito. So, all credits for the character's design go to her. The preset is fairly simple as I don't want to risk breaking my game with all the skeletons, physics etc. or fry my PC.

Permissions and credits
Seth is a Redguard. I suggest using my preset with this race, but it should work fine with the other human races, I guess (also get Imperious for Sandstorm and The Dance of the Red Sand abilities if you haven't done it yet! They really fit this character). 
SKSE and Racemenu are obviously needed.
Body replacers are up to you, I stick to Better Males (with Milkdrinker textures ( for a smoother belly) — an oldie, but goldie — because I don't need any floppy or fully functioning parts in my game. For the face textures I'd recommend Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi (, I'm using them in the screenshots.
KS Hairdos - Renewal -
Luscious Locks for All - Unisex KS Hair and Wigs* -
*When loading the preset, Seth may appear bald. You'll have to select the hairstyle manually — it's Sky 197, 563rd for me, but if you have any other mods, it can be different.
Brows -
Pocky's Quirk Eyes (heterochromia-reptile-unnaturals) -
Pocky's 4k human male makeup -
My overlays. Currently I don't know how to make standalone esps (I'd be glad if someone did it for me), so you'll have to download The Neith Team Warpaints Set (badum-tss) and allow my textures to overwrite some of these - The overlays are included with the preset.

For the black hair&eyes version: Improved Eyes Skyrim -