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Dr Jacopo Ported by TheCinderfly

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A Patch to bring 3D Mountain Flowers up to date

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This is a Ported Patch to Bring Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers LE up to date , which means it must be installed before you install this patch

From Dr.Jacopo Changelogs

    • Changed the nif structure so that harvesting uses a switch node to change to a flowerless model, instead of the prior vanilla method of making the flowers transparent.
    • This fix allows flowers to be seen from a great distance, whereas before, they could only be seen from several meters away
    • Adjusted the normal vectors of all models
    • Decreased the shader 1 soft lighting so that the plants will properly shadow instead of glow
    • Minor darkening of the textures
    • Moderate darkening of successive mip map layers so that distant flowers appear to be shadowed (because most people don't play with super far shadow distances)
    • The purple flowers now have the classic red and white petals that never made it into the 1.x series
    • Overhaul of the vertex alphas so that stems no longer animate (which previously caused the stems to disassociate from leaves and flowers)
    • Redid the normal maps for the leaves to be less intense and to have softer bevels

Credits - Dr.Jacopo for new textures and meshes