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Adds ten hand-placed boss dragons, ten unique armors, misc crafting items, and a unique magical summoning staff to the world of Skyrim.

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Just putting this out there to make it clear:

I will not grant anyone else permission to port my Skyrim mods to SSE. I will do it myself when I have the inclination and the opportunity.

I'm sorry if this decision disappoints you, but I would like to be responsible for my own mod pages and how the mods behave in the game.

I have no idea how my mods for Oldrim will work in SSE, even after conversion, and I want to have a proper handle on that myself before I put them out there for other people to use in their games.



Name: Dovahkriid - The Dragon Lords
Version: 3.0
Date: 7/22/2012
Category: Creatures and Armor
Author(s): AurianaValoria1
Source: SkyrimNexus

You have proven yourself to be Dovahkiin.

But are you truly Dovahkriid as well?

Ten of the mightiest dragons in Tamriel have answered Alduin's call, and they are eager to test the power of their Thu'um against yours.

Destroy them...or die trying.

This mod adds ten uniquely named dragons to Skyrim, all of which are extremely powerful. Proper preparation is vital for survival...play at your own risk!

- Optional files have been deleted. The dragons are only available as-is. I will NOT be creating seperate versions for extra enchants, no items, or easier dragons.
- The Dragon Lords are now almost fully voiced. Lotsoslun and Britkulaas use a female dragon voice, as I always intended them to be female. *Custom-made shouts like Elemental Breath and Blood Frost are NOT voiced.*
- Now, The Dragon Lords will not appear until Alduin begins resurrecting his lieutenants. Once you have passed that point in the Main Quest, you will receive a message at the top of your screen telling you that the Dragon Lords have returned.
- The magical resistances of the Dragon Lords have been significantly increased. See their stats below for more details.

The dragons are as follows:

Britkulaas (Beautiful Princess)
Location: Deep Folk Crossing
Health: 9000
Magicka: 8150
Stamina: 8100
Powers: Fireball, Fire Breath, Unrelenting Force
Resistances: Fire 100

Faalgolin (The Earth Master)
Location: Near Lund’s Hut
Health: 9500
Magicka: 8150
Stamina: 8100
Powers: Elemental Breath, Fire Breath, Frost Breath
Resistances: Shock 75

Finkroniid (The Conqueror)
Location: Near Ilinalta’s Deep
Health: 10000
Magicka: 9150
Stamina: 9100
Powers: Frost Breath, Frost Storm
Resistances: Frost 100, Shock 75

Hevnozok (Most Brutal)
Location: Near Mistwatch
Health: 11000
Magicka: 10150
Stamina: 10100
Powers: Elemental Breath, Fireball, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Frost Storm, Disarm, Unrelenting Force
Resistances: Fire 100, Shock 75

Junsenax (King of Cruelty)
Location: Near Septimus Signus’s Outpost
Health: 15000
Magicka: 14150
Stamina: 14100
Powers: Alduin’s Firestorm, Blood Frost, Elemental Breath, Fireball, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Frost Storm, Disarm, Unrelenting Force
Resistances: Fire 100, Frost 100, Magic 75, Shock 75

Kendovzoor (Warrior Legend)
Location: Reachwind Eyrie
Health: 12000
Magicka: 11150
Stamina: 11100
Powers: Elemental Breath, Fireball, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Frost Storm, Disarm
Resistances: Magic 75, Shock 75

Lotsoslun (Great Blood Leech)
Location: Near Ustengrav and the Abandoned Shack
Health: 12000
Magicka: 11150
Stamina: 11100
Powers: Blood Frost, Frost Breath, Frost Storm, Unrelenting Force
Resistances: Frost 100, Magic 75

Mulvednah (Strong Black Fury)
Location: Near Fallowstone Cave
Health: 13000
Magicka: 12150
Stamina: 12100
Powers: Elemental Breath, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Storm Call, Disarm
Resistances: Frost 100, Magic 75, Shock 75

Roknirjul (He Hunts Man)
Location: Near the Twilight Sepulcher
Health: 13000
Magicka: 12150
Stamina: 12100
Powers: Fireball, Fire Breath
Resistances: Fire 100, Shock 75

Sahkulaan (Phantom Prince)
Location: Near Steed Stone
Health: 14000
Magicka: 13150
Stamina: 13100
Powers: Frost Breath, Frost Storm, Unrelenting Force
Resistances: Frost 100, Magic 75

Once you have slain the dragons, you may gather special scales from their bodies. These scales can be used to craft unique sets of armor. There are five light sets and five heavy sets. These armors may also be tempered at a workbench. Crafting requires the Dragon Smithing perk.

One dragon in particular has an additional item to drop. Junsenax will yield his heartstone upon death, which can then be used to craft a magical staff. This staff will summon the ghost of Junsenax to fight for you for two minutes. Although he can be summoned anywhere, it isn't a good idea to summon him indoors due to his size!

Please upload pics of your battles with the dragons, and your characters in the armors. I love seeing them! :D

1. Extract the files to a temporary location, like the desktop.
2. Copy files to SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrim
3. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', and make sure "AV1Dragon_Lords.esp" is checked.
4. Play!

1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod. Keep a copy of the zipped file, and if you need to uninstall, use the archive to check which files to delete.

No incompatibilities are known.

This mod has been tested and is known to work with Deadly Dragons. It is highly recommended to use this mod in tandem with DD in order to enhance your Deadly Dragon experience!

This mod has also been tested and is known to work with Bellyache's Dragons.

Known Issues or Bugs
The eyes and mouths of Britkulaas and Roknirjul linger for a few moments after soul absorption, presumably because they both use Odahviing's model (which isn't meant to die). These parts do disappear after a second, though. No fix is known at this time.

1.0, 2012/02/25 - Initial release.
2012/02/26 - Optional .esp with no armor enchants made available.
2.0, 2012/04/14 - esp's updated to fix LOD textures; Lotsoslun now has aerial shouts.
3.0, 2012/07/22 - File upgraded to version 3.0, with new voices and scripting. Stats also readjusted. Optional files no longer available.
2012/11/22 - Alternate voices by Tyranick: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/27263

Leave a comment or send me a PM.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to Zardalu for the fixed Blood Dragon texture.
Thanks to Mujuro for the quest script.
Thanks to Blacksupernova for his help in figuring out voice files, and for his Dragon Real Shout mod, upon which these voices were based.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Tools Used
7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
BSA Commander - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3311
GIMP - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14920
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Paint.NET - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11909
Readme Generator - http://HammondsLegacy.com/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

This mod is not to be uploaded to any other site for any reason, regardless of whether or not you can contact me. Translations are welcome, but I would appreciate a PM about it.