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Xavbio - ported to LE by Turtlegodking

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This mod retextures most armors and weapons from the popular mod "Unslaad" by Vicn. Most textures are doubled their original size. LE port was made by Turtlegodking

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Unslaad Armors and Weapons Retexture LE

SE version - ported to LE by turtlegodking


After the success and outpour of great comments for my vigilant SE retexture, I decided to start working on a similar mod, for Unslaad. I learned a lot while working on these mods. For vigilant, I mostly modified the original textures but for Unslaad, I decided to redo most of the textures from scratch. I am very happy with the results and I hope you will be too!


This mod retextures most weapons and armors from Unslaad LE. Most textures are in 4k, while a few are 2k and some non-square textures are 2048x4096. I tried to stay true to Vicn's original designs, while adding some more detail and life to his great models.



Simply install using your favorite mod manager.


This mod is simply a texture and meshes replacer, so it's safe to install or uninstall at any time. 

If you are using a mesh replacer for the Alt Mora armor, you will need a very simple patch. Simply contact me and I will see what I can do.

Thank you

Thank you for giving this mod a chance! If you haven't tried Unslaad yet, I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Turtlegodking for porting my mod to LE, to Vicn for creating this amazing mod, to Aelarr for the amazing English voice Add-on and to everyone for the Owl's archive discord. You guys are the best and I couldn't have finished this mod without your amazing support.

If you liked my mod, please remember to Endorse and also Endorse Unslaad LE if you haven't already!

Thank you!