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A dark fantasy themed world space used for mainly for screenshots.

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Coldhara is a Fan based land made for my character and her lore inside the Elderscoll universe. A Fantasy themed location designed for Daedric/Vampire themed Characters. Made specifically for screen-archers who wish for a oblivion/Dark Fantasy theme for their OC's and to share my future cells I create with the community.

The world space was designed to use the default texture paths of the base game. Your mods i.e grass mods etc will effect the overall appearance in most places.


An ancient land from a forgotten time now serves as a pocket realm for the Daedric prince Molag bal acting as a buffer to Coldharbour. Scholars have spent decades gathering as much information as they could yet access to the hidden plane is considered near impossible to the mortal man. Descriptions from an old tome tell plane holding influence like Coldharbour for its hostile weather and unforgiving cold yet as the red sun rises shifting the dead environment scenes a blood red. While the scroll incomplete it is suggested by other scholars that this plane holds more than one master.

Current Features.

A worldspace with several outside locations including a functioning Oblivion Gate, Graveyard, Battlefield along with a broken path with more to come.

Future plans.

Future plans will include the following.
.Interior cells.
.A Citadel for exploration.
.Books giving more lore of the land.
.Secret easter egg for Vlandria fans.

.And more.

How to get to Coldhara?

To enter Coldhara there is a oblivion gateway in Riverwood. (Tucked to the right hand side of the guard gate. check images for exact location.)



Recommended mods.

CleverCharff's Soul Cairn LE

Lightning during Thunder Storms

True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone

You favorite character lighting mod.

Your selected ENB,


Rudy102 for Candle meshes/Textures.

Pabulum for oblivion gates

Bethesda for game and creation kit.

Q - Will there be a SE version?
A - I don't play SE sadly so I wont be converting it over. But may allow someone to convert it to SE.

Q - There is a purple textures/floating objects.
A - Send me a screen of it and the location. I'll fix it! :D

Q - My game crashes with this mod.
A - Had several people test this mod and seen no issues so far. But check your logs first and see if it is my mod that is the cause.

Q - What enb are you using in the screenshots?
A - Snapdragon prime.