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The Dusk Hunter Armor is a Lorefriendly and Practical mashup designed for vampire hunters and spellswords, being an specialized branch of the Dawnguard trained by monster hunters; or Witchers. Based on the Armored Mage Robes By Sforzinda. Armor made for my story "A Path to The North", and sharing in Nexus.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

SSE Version

General Information:
  • Stats: Ebony
  • Not Modular: It is a complete piece of armor compatible with all the perks (in theory)
  • Obtaining: Crafteable at the Skyforge with the perk Steel Smithing
  • Required Textures to make it look like the pics (optional, the armor will use any armor texture you have installed to match your game aestethic):
-Frankly Dawnguard Armor Textures
-Frankly Thieves Guild Armor Textures
-Rustic Clothing
aMidianborn Book of Silence

Possible Questions and Answers:
  • Any Skimpy Version planned for Females?
Nope, is an armor meant to protect, not an attire for the pasarela or to give pleasure to the eyes. unless you want the character to have a cut in the belly.
  • Any Skimpy Version planned for Males?
Nope, no schlongs need to be added, unless you want your character to get his sausage slice
  • Himbo, BHUNP, COCO or 3BA support?
Hell no, I don't use those bodies and I don't give permission to make a conversion to those bodies.
  • CBBE Support?
Maybe, UNP is better.
  • SSE Port?
  • Any update planned?
Making the armor modular, fixing bugs, the addition of a proper hooded version and making an enhanced version with enchanments, plus standalone textures if time if fair, and support for UNP. 
  • Can you change this or that?
Not for the moment, currently my time is a little limited but some suggestions are always welcome.
  • You had a ton of fun making this questions and answers?
Guilty of charge :P

Special Thanks

Many thanks to my dear siblings at Trollbane Company: SerketHetytThesarantis, TylerMCPotterDovahLady1995, Khermiit, and CroNoctem for testing the armor and giving their thoughts on it.

Feedback is always appreciated and well recieved!
Alongside any screenshots or showcases you want to upload :)

Outfit Studio By Caliente and Ousnius
Imitations by Sforzinda

If you enjoy my mods and Stories and want to support me, visit my Patreon page!
Not obliged of course :)