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an adventurer from Hammerfell travelled to Solstheim in search of the dwemer ruin Anchazgar.

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An Unlikely Spell - Anchazgar
by: venjhammet

A lone adventurer from Hammerfell came to Solstheim in search of an ancient spell on the dwemer ruins of Anchazgar only to end up at the hands of bandits.

How to start the Quest;

-head to Solstheim just north of Earth Stone there you will find a dead guy. Loot and read his journal and your quest will begin.

About the Dungeon:
-uses only vanilla assets
-non-radiant quest enable
-standard difficulty no level requirement needed
-This is a reworked dungeon from my hammet's dungeon pack.
-Lots of changes and improvements had been made to this dungeon and now with a side quest.
-No port to console. Nexusmods exclusive only
-No posting on other sites please
-compatible with all of my other Standalone Dungeons, Reworked Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack 1, Valefrost and New Vominheim

*Please take note:
NOT COMPATIBLE with "Hammet Dungeon Pack 2"


-added a knapsack for the journal to loot, to remedy the Anchazgar Quest issue to some experiencing disappearance of the dead body of Renhart

-fixed some leftover markers and objects that were overlooked during the reworked/separation from the dungeon packs
-journal which was marked Quest object is now disabled

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