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Enchant PLUS is a mod that i created to add new enchantments to the game.

*All new enchantments are disenchanted through the items crafted via smithing forge., but they can be expensive

*UPDATE* version 2.30
* Sparky Soul Trap and Frotsy Soul trap - just like fiery soul trap, instead of fire, it has shock damage and ice damage, must finish the Ironbind Barrow quest to craft in the steel section
*fixed the fortify sneak attack damage
*the fortify restoration is set to zero, this means, fortify all school power DOES NOT have fortify restoration power,
*the reason I removed the fortify restoration power is because it has the bug of improving all the enchanted gear too, it is a bug that already exist in the game, but i chose to remove it from the mod as it can lead to being overpowered.

*UPDATE* version 2.10
*made the items upgradeable through workbench
*moved the robes of unlimited wisdom and robes of unlimited knowledge to leather section but you must finish the quest "The Eye of Magnus" in order to make it show

*UPDATE* version 2.00

*added 3 new items
*glass sword of elements - it's enchantment is 10 fire damage with extra damage, 10 ice damage to health and stamina, and 10 shock damage to health and half as much to magicka BEFORE you can CRAFT and LEARN the enchantment, you must have 3 PERKS , (fire enchanter, ice enchanter and storm enchanter)

*Daedric sword of force - enchantment is 10% chance to stagger enemy, and a small chance to force them away (DAH Shout effect), its enchantment has unlimited charges

*Spell Absorber - has the same enchantment of spellbreaker, to acquire this, you must first finish the quest "The Only Cure", then craft the item in the Daedric Section

The new enchantments are:
Fortify Agility (15% addition to dual wielding speed and 20% bow drawing speed, stackable with related perks)
Fortify Shouts (NOT obtained from amulet of talos, this is is dissenchanted from a different item, fixed at 20% decrease per enchant)
Fortify Magic skill potency (adds the benefit of the alchemist potions ie. fortify destruction, into enchantments, variable)
Fortify All magic skill (just like the hoodless archmage's robes, magicka regen is variable)
Fortify All magic skill potency (potency of all schools fixed at 15%, also adds fortify magicka, variable )
Fortify evasion (adds 10% more evasion when enchanted on LIGHT armor, stackable with deft movement)
Fortify Damage return (adds 10% damage returned/reflected when enchanted on HEAVY armor, stackable with reflect blows)
Fortify Sneak attack damage (this is just like backstab, but it also doubles bow sneak damage)
Fortify movement speed (increase your movement speed, 15% more speed at lvl 100 enchantment)

These are the items to be crafted and dissenchanted to acquire the new enchantments
gloves of agility - leather section
gloves of assassination - leather section
elven armor of deft movement - elven section
elven boots of travel - elven secion
ebony armor of reflect - ebony section
5 circlets in the jewellery section
necklace of shouting - jewellery section
robes of unlimited knowledge - misc (to be changed soon)
robes of unlimited wisdom - misc (to be changed soon)

*Shrouded gloves, ancient shrouded gloves, and shrouded handwraps are made dissenchantable to get the normal backstab, that's if you do not want the new enchantment
*The fortify shout is dissenchantable via the item created through the forge, this can be enchanted on necklaces, rings and head gear, wearing the three pieces gives you 60% reduction in recovery time, and it gives 80% reduction of you have blessing of talos.

If you wish to uninstall this mod follow these steps.
1st. unequip all items which are related to this mod and the items enchanted using this mod.
2nd save your file,
3rd. AFTER saving, you can now SAFELY remove the "Enchant Plus.esp" from your SKYRIM DATA folder using your preferred Mod Manager or remove them manually.

*If you think some of the enchantments are overpowered/imbalanced and/or the items are way too expensive, just let me know in the comments :), also, if you've found bugs/errors let me know too so i can work on it. Feel free to make requests on new types of enchantment, I'll be glad on working on them too ^^.