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Mod Overview:
The Thane's Barracks is my first modding project for Skyrim. I originally created it with the mindset of creating a large hall that was meant to act as a massive show room originally titled "Dovahkiin Hall". I scrapped the original idea and recreated the floor plan from the ground up.

What I try to do with this player house is provide all of the necessities under one roof, without all the extra crap. For example this house only features 5 rooms, a main hall (relatively small to get between the rooms) and the entry foyer. I try to keep everything some what symmetrical as well as putting the house in what I feel is a believable area.

Feature List:
The Thane's Barracks features 5 rooms. A bedroom, Shrine Room, Common Area, Smithy and Library. The rooms and their general contents are as follows:

Main Hallway
  • Nothing. The hallway is currently empty.

  • 3 Storage Containers
  • 1 Double Bed
  • Sitting Area
  • Fireplace
  • Dressing Area

Shrine Room
  • Shrines for all 9 major deities plus a shrine for Nocturnal.
  • Miscellanious harvestable plants.

Common Area (Kitchen/Dining)
  • CRAFTING: Cooking Spit
  • 4 Named Containers (Barrels for food storage)
  • Bar w/ Bar Stools
  • Dining Table
  • 2 Fireplaces

  • CRAFTING: Enchanting Table
  • CRAFTING: Alchemy Table
  • 5 Named Storage Containers
  • 12 Bookshelves (Now containers instead of shelves. Shouldn't look void of books pre-stocking.)
  • 1 Nordic Book Stand

  • CRAFTING: Master Blacksmiths Forge (Skyforge Enabled!)
  • CRAFTING: Smelter
  • CRAFTING: Workbench
  • CRAFTING: Grinding Stone
  • CRAFTING: Tanning Rack
  • CRAFTING: Wood Chopping Block (Will continuously chop. Back up after your axe hits the wood to cancel animation.)
  • 12 Named Containers

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Question: Where is the house?
  • Answer: The Thane's Barracks is located just outside the main (loading) gate into the city of Whiterun. If you stand in front of the main gate and then look down the walkway towards the arch and draw bridge you should see an opening to the right of the draw bridge (see first screenshot). This opening is to a little room and contains the door to the Thane's Barracks.
  • Question: Can I re-use your design/mod for my own purposes?
  • Answer: Yes! You are allowed to re-use my mod however you see fit, post it on different sites or what have you. All I ask is that you credit me for what bit of it is mine. No permission required. Though I wouldn't mind a heads-up so I can check out what you did to it! :)
  • Question: There isn't any clutter in the house! What gives?
  • Answer: I like my houses empty. I am a collector of items and like to put the items in my house myself, including their positioning. As such I do not clutter my houses. This mod will never have pre-placed clutter. (Plates/Bowls/Miscellanious items etc).
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    Version 2.0:
    • Completely Redisgned Layout
    • Completely new .ESP as everything has been recreated from scratch.
    • Blacksmith forge is now Skyforge Enabled
    • All storage containers are custom named specifically for this mod. This means any modifications to vanilla containers made by other mods will NOT affect the containers in this house. (This excludes model/texture changes.)
    • Wood Chopping Block now lets you chop near-infinitely. This does NOT affect other chopping blocks in Skyrim and the change is specific to the one in this mod. Other not script based changes to this will not affect this chopping block.
    • Civil War Map added to the library

    Version 1.02:
    • Recreated navmesh by hand. Companions will now follow you into the Barracks.
    • Reduced over-all lighting to remove some of the brightness in the Barracks. (Suggested by Scarecrow7170!)

    Version 1.01:
    • Removed the noble table in the library that was used as a platform for the falmer statue and replaced it with a stone slab. (Suggested by kaylo! Thanks!)
    • Added a blue fire to the falmer statues torch in the library.

    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release