DragonBridge Settlement by Rowan Leeves
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Name: DragonBridge Settlement
Version: 1.0
Date: 2012/02/25
Category: Home
Requirements: Skyrim
Author: Rowan Leeves

A cozy, carefully decorated home for the player.

What you will NOT find in the house:
Animal heads
Randomly placed objects

What you will find in the house:
-Cheese. Lots of cheese.
-Many chests for storage. Some are named, but most are not.
-Three respawning chests. They are named "Mysterious chest of Ingots" (respawn 1 ingot of each type), "Mysterious chest of Ingredients (respawns one of each ingredient except red nirnroot), "Mysterious urn of Disposal" (your favorite trash can).
-Azura and Meridia's statue, so don't download if you're not a fan.
-Two small copies of Stendar and Talos' shrines. (No script attached).
-Plants and trees... yes yes, inside the house.
-And last but not least, a bathroom. 200 years after Oblivion crisis, still no bathrooms on Nirn even if there is magic and splenid architectures... and noble Dwemer technologies. Go figure...

Please note:
This was a lot of fun, and pretty hellish as well because I used the Windhelm house Hjerim (you know, the same house where there is a murder...) and because the CK is still very buggy. There might be little bugs even if I am sure the house is clean.
It was tested on both a modded and not modded Skyrim.
The stairs in the bathroom are difficult to walk on (vanilla mesh...). Jumping is required...

This was mostly experimental - I am still getting used to the CK. Eventually I will create a bigger home, more detailed and stuff.

Near DragonBridge. There is a map marker you can fast travel to.

1. Copy RL_DragonBridgeSettlement.esp and bsa file to Skyrim\Data\
2. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside RL_DragonBridgeSettlement.esp

1. Start SkyrimLauncher, click Data Files, uncheck RL_DragonBridgeSettlement.esp
2. Delete the RL_DragonBridgeSettlement.esp and bsa file

Tools Used:
TES Creation Kit
Time and lots of cursing

RebelOConnor, for the invisible chair, and support.