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============Version 2.0===============


====LATEST UPDATE March 2nd Version 2.0 ========

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March 2 - 2.0 is now done with a fully done interior with a basement and a tower. Much more added in this version, NPCS still not in due to some bugs with them. COMMENT AND ENDORCE :)

IF UPDATING FOM 1.1 TO 2.0 ---PLEASE--- take ur stuff out of the chests and add them back in when u reload version 2.0 :) Friendly notice

Rindock Estate is a nice lodge styled house with a spaceious interior with a back patio for a nice tundra view.

**NOTE ==> This is all custom built, no Copy/Paste of inside to give it a more original sight. I plan on taking alot of time with this mod with more future updates and a really beautiful estate by 2.0. By 1.0 The main outside and First floor will be done.

Features included

=NEW stable
=NEW backroom with pool, seats and flora
=DONE Forge and blacksmithing stuff round back of the house
=DONE Alchemy/Enchanting lab inside
=DONESafe player chests
=DONE Bar inside
=DONE Bed area with back porch inside
=DONE War/armour corner
=DONE Display cases
=DONEInterior has trees and other floral stuff to look nice
=DONE Wild Life outside
=DONE Lightposts
=DONE lighting


+More decor

+Other Sugestions Welcomed