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General Description of the mod:

What and where:
This is a lore friendly farmhouse located above Rorikstead in the hills. It can be reached by going up the hill and along the "trail" that leads from Lund's Hut. There is a map marker immediately available for it.

1. Flower and vegetable garden with three chickens
2. Alchemy table, enchanting table, armor workbench, sharpening wheel and wood
chopping block.
3. Two fireplaces, one with a cooking pot
4. One automated bookcase with storage for 54 books (18 on each shelf).
5. Lots of containers for storage (I've turned some static objects into containers).

1. No new navmesh has been generated for the property. This means followers will do strange and annoying things. They will enter and exit, but you should expect them to do odd things when pathing. They may sometimes get stuck downstairs on the panels and may not always exit the door immediately. Also, the chickens sometimes get stuck on the porch, but they will move eventually. I know, that I'd be releasing something that isn't follower friendly is weird, but there are players that use the house that don't mind so :) here it is updated to 1.9. I may fight with the Skyrim navmesh at some point to make it follower friendly :)

2. You will see butterflies and bees flying through the walls of the outbuilding. That is a vanilla problem I cannot do anything about.

Credits and thanks:

Thanks to eldiabs and his useful mod, "Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins" It made replacing the old racks with the new shield racks much, much easier.

Change Log:

7/19/2013 : Updated to Skyrim version, added well by garden, added missing porch light so that it throws light into the gameworld

This house was originally created to support a follower I had planned to create. That project was dropped but the house remained. I've left the house up for players who downloaded it and have requested it be available.

:) llama