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This is a mod that allows you to take Breezehome from it's humble beginnings to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It adds 11 new upgrades to breeze home with 3 optional dawnguard DLC updgrades a Hearthfires Garden upgrade with 50 soil planters and a mini quest to find all 9 shrines to the divines.


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Sorry I have been gone for so long.  I know a lot of you want this mod ported over to SSE and I WILL be doing that however the current version of the mod I'm just not satisfied with as it has problems which need to be addressed before porting otherwise it will cause problems for the future updates I have planned. Plus... honestly...  it looks pretty dated and plain in some areas. 

But fear not adventurer!

And I am Currently in the process of rebuilding the mod in Special Edition as we speak! See the 2nd sticky note in the comments to see the progress so far! 

Over 30,000 Endoresments?! Holy Crap!! THANK YOU!

I can't thank you guys enough for all of the support you have given me.  I never though that this mod would ever break 100,000 downloads let alone 10,000 endorsements and today I'm looking at the numbers and I'm just speechless.  Thank you so much! I hope my next updates will live up to your expectations. Once again thank you

So Wow holy Crap A super HUGE thank you To Gopher for his amazing review. I always hoped that my mod would get a video review some day I Never imagined I'd actually have it featured on the front page of the nexus. That being said there is much more on the horizon for this mod so please take a few minutes to read below:

If you didn't catch it before here is the review from Gopher:

Solutions to Common Problems: 4/1/2014

1) My bed/Candles/some other thing is out of place - This is a load order issue due to other mods having dirty or intentional edits. Breezehome is THE most modded cell in Skyrim, both accidentally and intentionally. Mainly because most people want to improve it and/or they don't care about it so they use it as a source to copy furniture and other items from. BOSS unfortunately doesn't place this correctly in the load order as it is out of date.The best place to put this is nearly last in your load order. This will ensure the best results. I load 196 mods and BFU is loading #152 for me.

2) Big chunks of my walls/floor/roof disappear when I move around the house - this is due to Skyrim Project Optimization. Simply download the "No Player homes" version and you'll be fine.

3) Mannequins walk around all over the place!!! - this is a vanilla bug I'm working on a potential fix for the next update.

I didn't think that many people were still playing Skyrim or checking out my mod but I'm glad that I could have enhanced your playing experience what little I could with this mod. Thanks again for all of your support and endorsements they are all greatly appreciated!

Please make Sure you download the correct version for your game.

NOTE: There is NO Hearthfires only version. There is only a Hearthfires + Dawnguard Version.

I'm sad to report folks that there won't be a hearthfires only version. At least not in the foreseeable future. I just spent the last 50 - 60 hrs trying to get a version to work and it's just not happening. I've tried taking my HF + DG version and stripping out the dawnguard elements as well as building up the non-DLC and adding the HF functionality. Due to the way Hearthfires alters its navmeshes and location data there is just no stable way of doing an HF version of this mod without starting from scratch. Considering this mod took 3 months to make I'm just not going to do that. At least not any time soon. I'm sorry to leave you HF only guys out in the cold but I just have to move on. I tried. I will say it's worth it to get Dawnguard. Its a great DLC with loads of new quests that are great even if you're not interested in becoming a werewolf or a vampire and you'll be supporting bethesda to make more DLC and more great games. I highly reccomend it.

Also previous 1.6 users need to absolutely purge the old version from their system before upgrading. Delete the .bsa, .bsl and .esp files or at least move them completely out of your skyrim folders. There was an errant script that was causing purchasing issues for the bedroom.

Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Hearthfires + Dawnguard Edition v1.7(March 19, 2013)

This is a mod that allows you to take Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little crap shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It adds 13 new upgrades to breeze home with 3 optional dawnguard DLC updgrades a Hearthfires Garden upgrade with 50 soil planters and a mini quest to find all 9 shrines to the divines. This mod is for those of you that want a better breezehome but still want to have an immersive game experience where you want to earn all of the various upgrades to your house. You buy the upgrades from 4 different NPCs. The base upgrades you get from the steward of whiterun. The Bulk of the rest of your upgrades you will buy from your old handiman named Garath(some of you might already be familiar with him ;) who spends his time in the bannared mare in whiterun. The final upgrades are dependent on your aliance in the Dawnguard DLC. Either Ceric the thrallmaster's assistant or Henselt the Dog wrangler will provide you with upgrades appropriate to your alliance. You will need to do several things to install this mod properly so read the instructions carefully.

i.e. Hearthfires + Dawnguard requires that you have BOTH hearthfires and Dawnguard DLC installed and active.

[size=8]Installation Instructions:[/size]

1) remove all items from Breezehome (use console command "TGM" to toggle god mod on/off so you can carry all of your stuff - start sprinting to activate)
2) make a NEW save of your game outside of breezehome.
3) uninstall all breezehome related mods (some mods may not seem to be related but actually have dirty edits of breezehome that can cause conflicts so this may take a bit of testing to get it right)
4) Load skyrim again with the vanilla breezehome and make another NEW save. (Optional step - If you are having trouble with adopting childeren you can revert to this save and adopt them while breezehome is still Vanilla.)
5) Subscribe/Install this mod
6) Set this mod to load last or close to last in your data files load order (if using NMM or SKSE do the same there)
7) Start up skyrim then enter the Bannared Mare. Hit f5 to quicksave then f9 to quick load. (this resets Garath so his sound files are actually loaded. If you don't do this he'll be silent. you may need to repeat this process when first meeting Ceric or Henselt as well.)
8) Enjoy the mod. If you are upgrading from the previous version of this mod you can give yourself $10000 to replace the money spent on your upgrades previously. Some prices have gone up to help balance gameplay and leveling.
9) Buy Vanilla upgrades from the steward. Buy 13 new upgrades from Garath in the Bannared Mare. Buy an additional upgrade or two from either Ceric or Henselt depending on your Dawnguard Alliance.

[size=8]Un-Installation Instructions:[/size]
1) Make sure you buy back the original Kitchen upgrade from the steward or you'll have a big hole in your living room.
2) If you purchased the housecarl upgrade do the following:
a) open up the console and type "prid e4eca" and hit enter
b) with the console still open then type "enable" and hit enter
3) empty the house of all valuables.
4) Uninstall the mod via NMM. Done!


- When adopting Childeren it is best to do it before you purchase the Balcony upgrade as the extra door sometimes confuses the AI of the rug rats when he/she is trying to find the front door to breezehome. However often reloading your previous save and re-adopting the child also resolves this issue.

- After each upgrade to the Home you will find a note from "Garath" an old handy man character who runs the crew that upgrades your home. He will usually find some creative way to stick notes into various things in your house. That being said if you go out of your house and come back in it will automatically "havok" (apply physics) to any loose objects. So if you hear a bunch of clanking that's Garath's notes and the impliments he's used to stick them to things falling to the ground. I have somewhat mollified this issue by putting hard coded Non-Havok scripts on each item. However Skyrim likes to point at me and laugh at my vigilent efforts and Havoks them anyway. I figure a 50/50 chance of them working is better than none. plus when the scripts actually activate your stuff will never budge or move even if you happen to bump into them.

- You will need to purchase the "basement alchemy Laboratory" in order to have a proper working alchemy lab. The original alchemy lab has been switched to a "study" upgrade with additional mannequins and display cases. This was done to accomodate the new children's room which replaces lydia's room.

- This mod is Hearthfire & Dawnguard compatible and you can safely adopt children. That being said sometimes the adopted children from other cities have a hard time moving to breezehome. I think this might be related to the new balcony entrance and the child's ai is getting confused but often I can reload a previous save and re-adopt with no issues. Lucia doesn't seem to have a problem with this.

- Some upgrades only appear if you have the money to afford them so keep checking back with Garath to make sure you have purchased them all.

- The garden upgrade has 2 options a Pre-Planted garden which you will not be able to customize or a Hearthfire garden which you can plant yourself which has 50 plots of soil you can plant things in. (I recommend the custom option as its pretty cool how it looks when fully grown in and you can always change it any time you like.)

Upgrades List:

- Kitchen Upgrade 250 gold (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Living Room Upgrade with functioning bookshelves, dump chest, Display cases & weapon rack (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Dining Room Upgrade with Oven, Butter Churn & More food (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Loft upgrade with 3 additional weapon Plaques (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Bedroom upgrade with upgraded furniture, Safe, Shrine mantel (must find shrines throughout skyrim) & additional chest 500 gold (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Child bedroom/Replace Study with child bedroom NOTE: Does not effect basement alchemy (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Loft Study Upgrade - The standard alchemy upgrade has been switched to a "Study" to facilitate child adoption. (500 gold)
- Basement tanning rack addon for 750 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement alchemy Lab 750 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement Enchanting addon for 750 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement Workbench & Sharpening Stone Addon for 1200 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement Furniture + Additional Storage and "extras" upgrade for 2000 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare - This adds Numerous Chests and & weapon racks)
- Housecarl Upgrade Package - adds weapon racks, plaques & mannaquins to Lydia's room + bedroom 1500 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement Forge addon Purchasable for 3500 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement Smelting package for 4000 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Additional display cases
- Underground Library Upgrade 2000 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Bathroom upgrade 2500 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare and also extends loft)
- Balcony upgrade 2000 gold (requires bathroom upgrade - Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Exterior Garden Upgrade 1900 (do it yourself) or 2500 gold if Garath plants it for you (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- DawnGuard War Dog (Storm) 500 gold (Henselt in Fort Dawnguard - Note:Requires Dawnguard Aliance and only available after moth priest has been rescued)
- Vampire Death Hound (Scar) 500 gold (Ceric in Castle Voltheim - Note: only available if aligned with vampires)
- Vampire feeding thrall 3000 gold (Ceric in Castle Voltheim - Note: only available if aligned with vampires)

Other Modifications:
- Autochests: The top chest in the smelter station. The Tanning station chest, the alchemy satchel and the Strongbox by the enchanting table all have auto storage scripts.
- AutoAccess scripts: In addition to the autostorage capability the various crafting tables are tied to their respective chests and will automatically put all items stored in those chests into your inventory every time you want to craft. when you exit the crafting station all of those items are then returned to the chest/storage container. (Note: When you have a lot of items in your containers this might cause you to pause while it loads and unloads items in and out of your inventory.
- Improved lighting: The entire lighting profile has been changed to be a little warmer and brighter while still having good shadows. it is highly recommended you download the optional .esp addon for the "enhanced lighting & effects" mod.
- Improved wall textures: the textures for the walls have been switched to the upper class plaster walls for a brighter look and feel for the interior.
- Added lighting effects to windows. (for even more effects download optional Enhanced lighting & effects addon.)
- created a stairway to a basement utilizing the building's current footprint.
- moved Lydia's bedroom downstairs in the basement.

Recommended Mods
Unlimited bookshelves:
Realistic lighting - Enhanced Lighting & FX version.
Enhanced lighting & FX v1.5 - See optional Breezehome ELFX addon in files section. (not compatible with v1.6 yet. Working on a v1.6 addon this week)
Whiterun Trees: (very clean low impact)
Towns & Villages Whiterun Enhanced - See files section for compatible version
Towns & Villages Whiterun Enhanced lite - See files section for compatible version.

Known Bugs

- Stuff may "Havok" or fall all over the place. This is particularly a slap in the face for me as I put non havok scripts on nearly every free standing object in the house. You may see stuff floating in mid air and unable to be budged even by a Fus ro dah. Don't freak out just pick up the item and go on your way. Also your save game might "remember" there being other objects in the house. Simply pick those up as well and sell all your junk to Belathor.

- Mild light flickering. I'll fix this some day but it's minor enough that I'm not going to hold up launching the mod for it.

- Major light flickering if using Enhanced lighting and FX v1.6 - This is being addressed and I should have a mod for this sometime in the next week. If you are still using version 1.5 I have an addon .esp file which you can use to make ELFX work with this mod.


- Immersive Interiors adds exterior scenery some of which clips through the basement and the stairway into the basement. It also adds identical exterior scenery to so it also causes a performance hit. You can use immersive interiors but you need to use the "No Player Homes" option.
- Dragonreach Hideout as it uses the same waterfall exit.
- Because this mod rewrites just about every aspect of the breezehome residence most breeze home mods will not be compatible with this mod.
- 2k Texture pack plugs the holes in the roof with blacking so it's best to use the "repair roof" option in the ledger to remove the sunbeams.
- Alchemy Ingredients Sorter - Causes issues with Alchemy table, (this mod might work if loaded before this mod so that my mod overwrites it in the load order.)
- More dynamic shadows (causes lighting problems and an issue with a floor tile being out of place)
- Skyrim Project Optimization - adds occlusion planes that makes certain parts of the house not render. You can use the "No Player Homes" version to remedy this.
- Spouses can live Everywhere - dead mod that is outdated and does not support hearthfires as the author has not made it compatible with any of the DLC (the mod overwrites Hearthfire's scripts)
- The Tainted Tankard - Contains dirty edits that causes conflicts inside breezehome.
- Dragonborn House in riverwood - Casa del sangre - Has over 46 dirty edits and accidentally modifies nearly 30 cells and world spaces due to Author coping items from those cells. Great design but unfortunately causes instability and conflicts with many mods.
- Original version of the "Hobbit Hole" mod - This original version of this mod had many dirty edits that caused problems with breezehome and other cells. I liked this mod so much though that I contacted the mod author and made a cleaned version for him. Look for it on his mod page.
- Craftable Panties Bras and Stockings for CBBEv3M - Adds a funky floating chest to Breezehome and causes some clipping issues as well as a weird dude sleeping in your bed.... that last problem might have been completely unrelated.
- Realistic Lighting Overhaul - This mod is NOT compatible with RLO. Not for lack of trying. I spent 5 hrs trying to make a compatibility patch to no avail. There is an older version of RLO in my optional downloads that you can install using the "ELFX" option which will work well. But the latest version of RLO modifies lights and lighting profiles in such a way that it makes them WAAAY More sensitive to flickering. So Sad to say I'm abandoning Trying to get my mod to work with RLO. In my and many player's opinionss ELFX, and RCRN are much better and more stable than the latest RLO. Personally I use ELFX with Climates of Tamriel and Realvision ENB.... there are other great ENBs out there as well but I feel ELFX + COT + Your ENB of choice is the way to go at this point.
- Open Cities - Partially Incompatible. exterior elements have not been placed in the exterior world so they won't show up in the open cities mod. I may try to find a way to add them in the future though as a ledger option.... There will be a patch down the road for this as I love this mod.
- HEARTHFIRES Display cases fix - This mod has dirty edits which cause problems with the master bedroom.
- Immersive Beds - Causes master bedroom bed to turn sideways. This mod also has dirty edits and users have reported freezes when using this mod.
- Animated Prositution - This mod causes the bed to turn sideways in the master bedroom as it has scripts that reference the original player bed. I have placed an attempted fix in version 1.7.8 but if you reinstall/uninstall those mods after setting the "master bed" you will have issues... not my fault. You have been warned.
- Enhanced Spouses - this mod causes the same error as above because it also has scripts that reference the master bed. I have placed an attempted fix in version 1.7.8 but if you reinstall/uninstall those mods after setting the "master bed" you will have issues... not my fault. You have been warned.

Future Addons/Upgrades/Extras

- Tower addon option(s) (if I can pull it off)
- Expansion for Tunnel and Garath's crew.


1) First remove all of your items from breezehome as well as all followers then exit your house and make a clean New save in the street.
2) Uninstall this mod.
3) Load up your game and make a new save.



Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and skyrimnexus for creating this forum For Sharing
To all my followers and fans of the mod Thank you for sticking with it and for your support.

Adura for his many generous assists on my shoddy attempts at papyrus coding.
Exoclyps for showing me how to properly make a mod patch using WyreBash
Anamorfus for his Enhanced Lighting N FX mod. I learned a lot of neat new tricks studying your mod.
Aplestormy for his Enhanced whiterun mods both lite version and full version
ManillaTurtle for his Automatic Item Storage Scripts!

Please show your support for all of the above modders by endorsing and rating their mods.


Sometimes when installing and uninstalling mods or multiple versions of mods your save games can get quite corrupted and you'll get random glitching. These types of errors are not typically due to a single mod but rather a combination of everything. Many times these will result in CTDs or instances where Quests do not progress.

A way you can resolve these issues a good portion of the time is to do a game world reset. Here's how you do it.

1) Grab anything valuable you want to keep and put it on your person. Use the "player.setav carryweight 9000" (It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... sorry I couldn't resist)

2) head to anywhere you can sleep for free for multiple days. I recommend the basement of Jorvasker as its what worked for me.

3) Save your game then uninstall as many mods as you can without losing stuff off your character. I.E. you can keep mods like jaysus swords which add weapons items to the game. But anything that effects gameplay or rendering you should turn off. In other words get the game as vanilla as you possibly can without losing stuff off your character.

4) Load up your game and save A new clean vanilla save.

5) Sleep in your bed for 31 days straight for a full 24 hrs every day. (takes 20 minutes to half an hr of real time) The reason you are doing this is because it takes a fully 30 in game days for the whole game world to reset. This respawns everything in the game. NPCs are reset, mined ores are refilled etc. Sometimes NPCs are even brought back from the grave sometimes lol.

This reboot will clear out any glitchy stuff that is typically going on with your player homes as well (at least the vanilla ones) This also fixed a quest progression issue I was having as well as resolving a number of little issues I was having with the interior of this mod on one of my save games.

I have two characters who have never had a problem with my breezehome upgrade and 1 that I had some minor glitching with (random patches of the wall were still blue. phantom window lighting etc.) Once I did this game world reset all of those went away. Which tells me it was a save game corruption issue and not an issue directly related to this mod.

Anyway I hope this helps with any issues you have.

Version History

- Tweaked a few minor things here and there.
- Added 2 display cases to the shelf in the livingroom area.


- Fixed issues with Double Weapons plaques (hooray!!)
- Fixed lighting flicker at top of stairs to basement
- Consolidated lighting throughout (makes basement a little dimmer and more realistic)
- Added a shelf and a double weapon plaque to the living room area
- Removed some fx and lighting that were adding to load/render times and potentially causing problems entering via waterfall entrance
- Fixed basement lighting area so that "night eye" works correctly

V1.3 (Feb 28, 2012)

- Redid all purchasing scripts with unique Property calls to Fix Stormcloak alliance purchasing issues. (Purchasing SHOULD be stable in this version)

- Changed bed to "Noble" bed by popular request.

- Improved look of cave entrance lighting

- Made it so that you can close the secret door.

v1.2 (Feb 26, 2012)
Removed the wood from the bedroom, Patched a few ceiling tiles, fixed Garath's Loft note and touched up the waterfall entrance.

v1.1 (Feb 25, 2012)
Forgot the .BSA and .BSL files.... Oops!

v1.0 (Feb 24, 2012)

- First launch let's see what happens!