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Added: 25/02/2012 - 05:07AM
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Last updated at 0:47, 28 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 5:07, 25 Feb 2012

I've always thought that bounty rewards were underwhelming - Item Rewards For Bounties makes bounty quest rewards much more interesting and unpredictable, while being level appropriate and balanced.

This mod adds a random leveled item as a reward upon quest completion, and changes bounty rewards to 250 gold for Bandits/Forsworn, 500 gold for Giants and 750 gold for dragons.

Leveled item rewards include one of the following:

Enchanted Circlets
Rare Alchemy Ingredients (up to 2)
Enchanted Necklaces
Enchanted Rings
Enchanted Robes
Enchanted Weapons
Filled Soul Gems (No black soul gems)
Spell Tomes (Novice, Apprentice, Adept - no Expert or Master tomes)
Empty Soul Gems (No black soul gems - up to 2)
1-Handed Weapons
2-Handed Weapons
Uncommon Alchemy Ingredients (up to 4)
Common Alchemy Ingredients (up to 5)

NOTE: If you have a bounty quest in your quest log prior to installing the mod, you will get the old rewards, and you won't get an item. Make sure to have this mod installed before you accept any bounty quests, and keep it activated through the whole quest.

ALSO NOTE: This mod works automatically for most people, but some people do not receive items, only the proper gold amount. If you experience this, please see the following section:

IF THIS MOD IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU: Go to this file on the Skyrim Nexus here and try installing it from there, along with a fix I've posted there.

Try the optional BQScript Fix 1 and 2 files I have uploaded. Try 1 first, just placing the BQScript.pex into your Skyrim/Data/Scripts folder and then testing the mod again.

If this doesn't work, try Fix 2, which is replacing the default BQScript.psc file in the Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source folder. BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILE, and preferably BACK UP THE WHOLE FOLDER BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS. I don't want to be responsible for having to reinstall the game because I didn't tell you to back up the file first :).

Fix 1 is confirmed to work (thanks talcottparsons!).

The issue is that the Creation Kit automatically bundles modified existing scripts into .bsa files, such as BQScript, which this quest modifies. For some installs of Skyrim, these scripts must float freely for Skyrim to properly recognize them (many thanks to Samutz for this info!).

Version: 1.11
Author: Warrior G0el

I love clear feedback, good or bad! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this mod, or any bugs that I can fix.

Release Notes:

1.0 (Release) - Changes bounty rewards to 250 gold for Bandits/Forsworn, 500 gold for Giants and 750 gold for dragons. It also adds a random leveled item as a reward upon quest completion.
1.1 - Changes bounty reward for dragons to 1000 gold.
1.11 - Fixes a bug where items were not properly rewarded for completing bounties.

Thanks very much!

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