LeatherBound Huntress Armour by Shadowtroop and DeannaRose24
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Added: 25/02/2012 - 02:14AM
Updated: 17/07/2012 - 01:25PM

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Last updated at 13:25, 17 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 2:14, 25 Feb 2012

This is a set of armor i have made for female characters to adventure in. it comes in 3 colors (white. black and brown) and styles *longsleeved, sleevless) also comes with boots and gauntlests and a hood

The armor is located on the north side of Riverwood. on a wall by the saw mill. The armor is also craftable with any forge.

I modeled this armor after Calientes CBBE body. i have yet to test it with other body mods, feedback seems to be that it works nicely with other bodymods

any feedback/suggestions/bug reports would be appreciated. please be specific with bug reports so i can try to figure out what is wrong so i can make this mod as bug free as possible :D

If you want to use it with UNP BPP try this mod here by Belisariu

To Do List;

Tidy up the textures, models adding more details
fix all the bugs, glitches if there are any
Making the armor craftable/improvable(done)
adding global objects so you can see it from the menu
making more variants and different ody times UNP etc . . .


All modeling and texturing was done by me

Original concept art by Deannarose24

Update Log;

Added new details to the meshes/Textures/fixed some weight issues here and there.
Remade the ESP(this is probably the cause of most of the CTDs)
Armor is now Craftable/Improvable
Added hoods to the variants

Added a black version
Fixed a few things in the CK(amulet fix, leather, fix footstep)

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