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This mod recreates parts of the college to make it more fitting of its title. It deepens the lore of Velehk Sain, recreates The Midden, redesigns each NPC's room, makes accessing certain things such as the atronach forge more challenging, and more.
This mod does not add any new textures, meshes, or scripts. It doesn't interfere with the base

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Download version 2 as this is the most recent one, DO NOT download both versions!

This mod adds a range of new things to the college to make it feel more
alive and fitting to its title. I always found the college a little
underwhelming and frankly dull, so I tried my best to make it more

Here is a list of additions, as well as a few
bugs it has (the bugs are not game breaking and don't interfere with
the base game):

-Pendants are added to NPC's as well as
one left for the player that increases magicka.

NPC's room has been redesigned to fit their skill classes and expand
more on their own interests. Original items in the college have been
moved, but not removed.

-Some NPC's clothing has been
changed in place of new clothing and armours, fitting with their
magic skill sets.

-The Midden has been changed to be a
hospitable place where lectures could hypothetically be held, as well
as turning one area into a wash room. This is all for the purposes of
roleplaying, and is not used by the vanilla NPCs. 

Midden Dark has been repurposed into a Botanical Gardens tended to by
two new NPCs, a key to the gardens will be in the player's room. The
NPC Travis is an apothecary vendor, and Antonia provides the player
with information on the different flora of Skyrim, where it's found,
and its magical effects. Antonia does not have any recorded voice
lines and so subtitles will need to be enabled to see what she's

-Scrolls are now craftable in the tanning

-The mystery of Velehk Sain, the Dremora
summoned in the Midden Dark, has a more fleshed out lore to him where
you can find new treasures. The entrance to his summoning circle is
locked, as it would make sense for it to be. 


-Antonia will sometimes become stuck to something
invisible in the ceiling. If this happens, wait a few hours, or leave
the cell and wait a few hours.

-A section of wall outside
the college has been altered slightly when trying to remake
something, it may look a little off but has no impact on your use
with it.