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This mod aims to fix all bugs further to improve the sense of living in the small fortress. Here is a final version of the collected edition.

Permissions and credits
This mod is originally created by Flaho Shi and improved by kojak747. If you like the house, please give your endorsements on their pages. 

I always felt there is a lot of space for improvement even if they are great. I asked the original authors' for permission a long time ago without any responses so far and I think they did not actually check the plank and got my message. Since the mod has not been updated for a long time, and I can't wait another hundred years for the new updating, thus, I created this private edition. However, the fate of whether it be allowed to live on the nexus will be depended on the original authors' decision and the nexus. If a permission issue arises in the future, my dear nexus, please remove it.

This mod is a collected edition that aims to fix all bugs and further improve the living sense of the small fortress. I posted this mod before, then I deleted it because I felt that it doesn't really ready to be posted and there is a lot of space for its improvement. After a lot of work, I'm happier with the current version, except that the  Grain Mill is still not good enough for that cold environment. Unfortunately, I didn't find any snow-material texture for the  Grain Mill.

Overview changes?

Adjustments to the exterior appearance of the building in order to fix some details.
Butler provides supplies after quest completion; Guards added AI that will be on duty for your secret tunnel.
A true cell called "secret passage" instead of a meanless transported expressway further added a vampire coffin which is from Dawnguard DLC to the space.
The entrance of the secret passage was relocated near the work area, and the original entrance was replaced by a Grain Mill.
Added a basement with a soul-gem crafting facility and staff bench, as well as a functionally closed stool and a moveable bathtub to the master room.
All reachable cells are set as unsafe for flower respawn purposes,  however, all chests are safe because they are re-linked to the safe chests located in a safe cell.
Added a dwarven-powered planter in the "water cave" for the only Jarrin Root from the Hammerfall. The "dwarven power" planter is just a “fake device” originally I wanted to design it to be functional, but finally, the plan was abandoned because of the workload and time. (I found that in Skyrim world, all unreasonable things, as long as the modders claim a Dwarven's so-called "technology", everything can be explained well. Therefore, I made this fake device to explain why Jarrin Root could be planted in Skyrim.)
Added multiple unique items Displays for all receivable unique items except unique weapons and books.
Add fire stages to enhance the design of the original facilities to make them more realistic and interesting.
Fixed the "floating" issue of items on the bookshelf caused by the structure which is designed too tight.
Editions for the quest descriptions and background story. (English is not my mother language. I will appreciate it if you find any advanced grammar issues, please help me to fix them.)
A broom or bucket called  "Clean up" that is controlled by you to automatically cleans up the items in the room.
Lighting flicks fix, the screenshots are outdated, and the actual lighting in the master room is brighter. 
The barrels will automatically refill after 7 days of drinking, as well as the "hanging meat" will be restored after collecting.
A daily milkable cow and a functional churn.

How to use the facilities?

For the forge and anvil, it requires 4 units of firewood to burn. Just place the firewood and then either "light it by a torch" or cast a vanilla fire spell. Once the forge is burning, you can use the anvil for 4 hours. These features also apply to other facilities that require wood such as smelter and kitchen or dwarven oil like the alchemy heating equipment to burn as well. All visual bugs that you can find in the videos while using the facilities had been fixed.
For the toilet, You can use the toilet to receive a one-hour buff. You have to flush the toilet or it finally will be clogged and need to be repaired. The repair consumes 3 steel ingots and gives you a one-hour debuff, which can be removed by bathing in the bathtub immediately.
For the bathtub, the bathtub is removable in the narrow space,  bathing in the hot water should theoretically be recognized by the "Frostfall" although I don't use that mod. The bathtub can only be removed when you or NPC are not using it. Occasionally, it may happen that the bathtub can't be removed even if you have left the bathtub. The solution is re-jump into the bathtub and then leave the bathtub to trigger the global value changes to fix the problem.


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