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This mod changes some mechanics related to general spell casting, as well as perks and spells from all schools of magic, making them scale with level and also more balanced.

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This mod changes some mechanics related to general spell casting, as well as perks and spells in all schools of magic, making them scale with level and also more balanced. The goal is to give the player more options and variation to choose from, encouraging the use of all available spells instead of just sticking to the obvious best choices.

Most spells scale directly from player level and skills, so they'll automatically benefit from uncapper mods that boost skill levels above 100. It's in fact recommended to have skills above level 100 when your character reaches level 50, to keep things well balanced at high levels.

- Destruction: Tries to make low level spells more usable end-game and higher level spells really powerful, yet expensive.
- Restoration: Tries to give much more variation to confront undead, instead of just turning them.
- Illusion: Tries to make mind influences more interesting and work on undead sooner, but also allows targets to resist their effects.
- Conjuration: Tries to balance minions in relation to each other, meaning that twin Dremora Lords are not the obvious choice anymore.
- Alteration: Tries to make buffs last longer by default, allowing a less boring rebuffing process.

From version 6.0 on, perks and some spells were pretty much overhauled in an effort to give a lot more options and make this more compatible with other mods that add lots of perks, such as Ordinator. Just make sure to load Empowered Magic after the other mods.

This version is not be compatible to older versions of Empowered Magic, so it's a good idea to try it only on a new playthrough. Version 5.5 can still be downloaded as an optional file, for players who prefer to keep closer to vanilla Skyrim.

Just copy/rewrite the following ESP and BSA files to your Skyrim/Data folder.

EmpoweredMagic.esp: (Required) Contains all changes merged, including for Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
EmpoweredMagic.bsa: (Required) Contains scripts necessary for most features to work correctly.

* You must have Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs to use this mod.
* To uninstall, just delete EmpoweredMagic.esp and EmpoweredMagic.bsa, from your Skyrim/Data folder.


This mod should work nicely with any mod that add new spells to the game, possibly making those spells scale too.

On the other hand, there can be issues with mods that change existing spells or magic skill trees. In this case, always load Empowered Magic after other mods, so that EM changes can take place and overwrite other changes.

Below is a list of recomendations from the author:

- This changes a lot of mechanics by using custom scripts, so it's a good idea to only use this on a new playthrough.
- Always wait for all temporary effects (summons, armor spells, etc) to fade before installing/removing/updating any mod.
- Uncapping mods that allow skill levels above 100 are strongly recommended for characters above level 50, to keep spells scaling further.
- List of conjuration spells with new names: "Unstable Reanimation", "Lesser Reanimation", "Reanimation", "Greater Reanimation", "Haunt".
- List of restoration spells with new names: "Halt Undead", "Constrain Undead", "Sunburst".
- List of staves with new names: "Nahkriin's Staff", "Rahgot's Staff".

The general changes below apply to all schools of magic.

- Dual cast power = 2.3 (from 2.2).
- Dual cast cost = 2.5 (from 2.8).
- All master spells have a casting time of 2s (from 3s).
- Magic skills do not decrease spell costs anymore, but will scale magnitude instead.
- Staves scale the same way as spells and can be further boosted by some perks.
- Most unique staves now cast improved versions of existing spells.
- Each master level perk also gives the character the ability to periodically trigger some passive powerful effect.

The damage of Destruction spells will scale according to your skill level. Fortify Destruction potions increase the damage further.


- Novice Destruction: Also triggers the skill level scaling for Destruction.
- Master Destruction: Also gives the passive power to periodically strike nearby foes with elemental blasts.
- Impact: Rank 1 adds a chance to cause stagger when dual casting. Rank 2 allows stronger spells to knockdown instead. In both cases, higher level spells have a higher chance to trigger. Stronger targets may have to be weakened first.
- First Blood: Rank 1 allows sneak attacks with runes and single target bolt spells for 1.5x damage. Rank 2 improves this multiplier to 2.0x, but only at closer range.
- Augment Flames/Frost/Shock: Rank 1 increases fire/frost/shock damage by 10%, but also increases costs by 5%. Rank 2 raises these values to 25% and 15%. Rank 3 tops at 50% more damage at 35% more cost.
- Endure Flames/Frost/Shock: Rank 1 reduces the damage taken from fire/frost/shock by 15%. Rank 2 raises this protection to 35%, but only while under the effect of the associated cloak spell.
- Overload Flames/Frost/Shock: While in combat, you start gathering elemental energy from the surroundings until it burst through, granting immunity to fire/frost/shock and also increasing all fire/frost/shock damage by 50% for a few seconds. Can only trigger once each combat, and can only trigger one element if having more than one perk.
- Intense Flames: Rank 1 can apply a debuff that causes the target to take more damage from all sources for a short time. Rank 2 allows this effect to spread to nearby foes when the target is hit.
- Deep Freeze: Rank 1 can freeze the target in place for a short time, breaking sooner if the target takes too much damage. Rank 2 allows this effect to spread to nearby foes when the target is hit.
- Disintegrate: Rank 1 can instantly kill the target, but only works below a health threshold. Rank 2 causes disintegrated targets to unleash an electrical discharge, staggering or disarming nearby foes.


- Runes: Now correctly benefit from augment perks (vanilla issue). Also have a longer range by default and cause stagger, but have a longer casting time as well. Players can have up to 3 runes simultaneously by default.
- Cloaks: Now deal 5 damage (from 8) and last 30 seconds (from 60), but also cause nearby enemies to become more vulnerable to the associated element for a few seconds. These are automatically dispelled when sneaking.
- Walls: Now cost less magicka and will sometimes stagger enemies crossing the hazard.
- Incinerate, Icy Spear, Thunderbolt: Now deal 65 base damage (from 60). Other than the master spells, these are the best triggers for Intense Flames, Deep Freeze and Disintegrate, as well as Impact.
- Lightning Storm: Now can cause stagger while channeling.
- Blizzard: Now deals 15 base damage (from 20) per second, but also causes the caster to become ethereal for the spell duration or until executing another action. No longer varies in damage according to the caster's frost resistance (vanilla issue).
- Fire Storm: Now casts a huge projectile that can be arced over obstacles. It deals from 75 to 225 damage, depending on how close targets are from the impact point.

The healing, protection, damage and level cap of Restoration spells will scale according to your skill level. Fortify Restoration potions increase the damage and healing of some spells, as well as the duration of others.


- Novice Restoration: Also triggers the skill level scaling for Restoration.
- Master Restoration: Also gives the passive power to periodically spawn healing surges on yourself or nearby living allies.
- Radiance: Allows healing spells to damage undead. Also increases healing power and sunlight damage by 25%, at the expense of 15% more magicka.
- Respite: Rank 1 allows healing spells to restore stamina. Rank 2 increases the duration of heal over time spells and undead spells by 30%.
- Necromage: Rank 1 halves all incoming healing from spells and potions, but in exchange your natural health regeneration is highly increased. Rank 2 further reduces healing spells to one-quarter (potions stay at half effect), but your melee attacks now apply poison and you take 25% less physcal damage. Rank 3 makes you no longer be affected by healing spells, but in exchange all your spell costs are reduced by 15% and you automatically heal while in shadows or dark areas.
- Death Aura: Rank 1 grants you an aura that damages and weakens nearby living foes, causing them to deal 15% less damage. Rank 2 improves your aura to sometimes overwhelm foes at low health, causing them to kneel down and die if they fail to resist, restoring your health, stamina and magicka.
- Feedback: Rank 1 allows wards to retaliate back at the enemy caster after absorbing enough energy from spells. Rank 2 grants the ability to time your ward blocks, highly increasing retaliation damage for the first second. Rank 3 allows the retaliation effect to also blind the target for a few seconds.
- Disruption: Wards no longer retaliate against the enemy caster, and instead cause an explosion around you to affect all nearby foes.
- Recovery: Rank 1 gives 25% increased magicka regeneration. Rank 2 raises this value to 50%. Rank 3 tops at 75% increased recovery.
Righteousness: Causes all undead spells to also affect Daedra and Automatons.
- Fulgor: Rank 1 causes healing spells to apply a protective shield around the subject while they are below 50% health, halving all damage taken. Rank 2 increases your physical damage dealt by 15% while under the effect of a healing spell, improving to 30% if under a protective shield.
- Avoid Death: Once a day, heals a large amount of health automatically when below 10% health.


- Heal Other: Base magnitude decreased to 50 (from 75).
- Close Wounds: Now is a heal over time that heals 50 points over 5 seconds.
- Grand Healing: Now heals 100 points over 5 seconds, and affects nearby targets for only half the amount.
- Wards: Now have a very small channeling cost, but transfer part of incoming spell damage to magicka as a mana shield. Stronger wards have a higher transfer ratio.
- Repel Undead: Target weaker undead is severely knocked back and damaged by the impact. Stronger targets are not affected.
- Turn Undead: Undead in area flee for a few seconds. Level cap scales now, but the turn duration is shorter.
- Halt Undead: Target undead is immobilized for several seconds, or until damaged.
- Constrain Undead: Undead in area are immobilized for 5 seconds and take damage over time while being held. Stronger targets may have to be weakened first.
- Sunburst: Beam of sunlight that blinds everyone around the point of impact. Also deals 55 points of damage to undead, and will instantly destroy vampires that fail to resist.
- Circle of Potection: Causes damage to undead inside the ring, repels weaker ones, and also heals allies inside.
- Guardian Circle: A stronger version of Circle of Protection that deals more damage and healing. Allies will also get fortified, increasing damage dealt and decreasing damage received.
- Bane of the Undead: Now deals 80 damage to undead and set them on fire. Targets that fail to resist will be instantly destroyed.

The level cap for reanimations, banish and command, as well as the damage of bound weapons, scale according to your skill level. Summons also scale according to the character level. Fortify Conjuration potions increase the duration of most spells and the magnitude of a few others.


- Novice Conjuration: Also triggers the skill level scaling for Conjuration.
- Master Conjuration: Also gives the passive power to periodically heal nearby minions, or harm hostile ones.
- Soul Stealer: You will automatically try to trap the soul of nearby foes. Also, Soul Trap can now be cast on dead bodies to start a ritual, empowering your magic skills at the cost of a soul gem. The gem consumed depends on the level of the body, and this will dictate the power and duration of the buff.
- Mystic Binding: Causes bound weapons to deal extra damage according to the percent magicka you have available.
- Dark Binding: Causes bound weapons to deal 25% more damage while in shadows or dark areas.
- Oblivion Binding: Bound weapons will automatically banish summoned creatures and turn raised ones.
- Summoner: Rank 1 doubles the range of summons. Rank 2 allows you to have a second Flame Atronach summoned simultaneously. Rank 3 allows a third Flame Atronach, or a second Frost Atronach.
- Atromancy: Rank 1 softens the upkeep of conjured daedra, from 25% to 15% reserved magicka. Rank 2 grants summoned atronachs increased armor rating while they are at close range. Rank 3 allows you to cast Flames, Frostbite or Sparks to energize atronachs of the associated element, healing them and applying a damaging cloak.
- Necromancy: Rank 1 softens the upkeep of reanimations, from 25% to 15% reserved magicka. Rank 2 allows triple unstable undead simultaneously. Rank 3 allows you to cast Healing Hands on reanimated undead to decompose them into bursts of energy that recover magicka and damage nearby living foes.
- Dark Influence: Rank 1 allows higher level bodies to be reanimated. Rank 2 grants an aura that empowers nearby undead allies, increasing their damage, armor and resistances.
- Elemental Potency: Conjured atronachs are more powerful.
- Transfusion: Nearby minions will transfer health to you whenever you drop below 50%. Stronger minions will transfer more health.


- Conjurations, Reanimations: Most now have a base duration of 5 minutes (from 60 seconds), but will hinder spell casting while active by reserving a portion of your magicka. Stronger reanimations will not disintegrate the body anymore. Also, summons do not fail if the caster has magic absorption, and are not dispelled when casting Destruction cloaks (vanilla issues).
- Soul Trap: Slowly consumes a living target's health for several seconds, and will soul trap if the target dies. Only NPCs can be trapped now, yet they fit normal gems and no longer require Black gems. All trapping effects were also fixed to only trap souls inside correct sized gems, or gems of lower tier. For example, it's possible to trap a Grand soul into an empty Petty gem, granting a filled Petty gem, but it's no longer possible to partially trap a Petty soul into a Grand gem. Black gems are a special case that can trap souls of any size and still grant a fully filled Black gem, which has the same capacity as Grand gems. Soul Trap no longer works with Azura's Star and Black Star, but these special gems will instead be automatically filled under certain circumstances - Azura's Star will be eventually filled by fighting non-NPCs, while Black Star can be filled by fighting NPCs.
- Bound Weapons: Now cost less magicka, have a base duration of 10 minutes (from 2 minutes), and scale with skill level. At lower levels they are equivalent to steel, and at top level they can reach daedric.
- Conjure Familiar: Now lasts 1 day and is bound to the caster. The familiar will gain special abilities according to specific perks you acquire from each school of magic. It will also grow stronger the longer it stays summoned, and is one of the very few summons that do not require upkeep.
- Unstable Reanimation: Reanimates body as undead, but the effect is unstable and has a chance to fail, which will disintegrate the recipient.
- Lesser Reanimation: Reanimates body as undead, weaker than it was in life with some attribute penalties. Body will not disintegrate.
- Reanimation: Reanimates body as undead, exactly as it was in life. Body will not disintegrate.
- Greater Reanimation: Reanimates body as undead, stronger than it was in life with some attribute bonuses. Body will not disintegrate.
- Haunt: Spirits will consume the target's health for several seconds. If the target dies, the spirits will search a new target or return to heal the caster.
- Dremora Lord: Now is unstable. It will try to resist the conjuration constantly.
- Dead Thrall: Slays all nearby living foes that fail to resist, then reanimates nearby bodies for 150 seconds as unstable undead. Friendly targets are not affected.
- Atronach Thralls: Are now much stronger versions of normal atronachs, but last only 150 seconds. They also come with a powerful explosion at the summoning spot. Flame Thrall comes with a fiery explosion that deals damage and sets nearby enemies on fire. Frost Thrall comes with a blast of cold that deals damage and slows enemies. Storm Thrall comes with a stormy burst that deals damage and throws enemies in the air. Thralls do not have upkeep.

The level cap and rally bonuses of Illusion spells will scale according to your skill level. Fortify Illusion potions decrease the chance of spells being resisted.


- Novice Illusion: Also triggers the skill level scaling for Illusion.
- Master Illusion: Also gives the passive power to periodically assault the mind of nearby foes to stun, disarm, or even kill them.
- Arcane Control: Allows influences to work on Undead, Daedra and Automatons.
- Displacement: Rank 1 gives a 15% chance to ignore any physical attack against you. Rank 2 grants the ability to automatically teleport back to where you have been a few seconds earlier whenever you fall below 30% health, but can only trigger once each combat. Rank 3 drops the overall light level around you, decreasing the effects of light on sneak chances and also increasing tolerance to light sources. This will halve the penalties to vampire characters in sunlight, and also loosen the requirements for abilities that require dark areas.
- Quiet Casting: Now makes spells silent only while sneaking and undetected.
- Bloodlust: Rank 1 causes enemies affected by frenzy-like influences to gain health over time, which is then removed as soon as the effect ends. Rank 2 allows the accumulated health to be partially transferred to the caster at expiration. Rank 3 gives affected targets increased damage, which keeps increasing the longer the spell lasts. All these effects are suspended whenever the affected enemy starts targeting the caster, and resume as soon as another target is picked.
- Dream Feeder: Rank 1 causes enemies affected by calm-like influences to lose magicka over time, or stamina if there is not enough magicka. Rank 2 allows the lost resources to be transferred to the caster, if within range. Rank 3 causes the transfer to keep increasing every second, while the spell lasts.
- Nightmare: Rank 1 causes enemies affected by fear-like influences to lose health over time. Rank 2 adds a chance to the target die in terror while affected, and this chance goes up the lower health the target has. Rank 3 causes this chance to keep increasing every second, while the spell lasts.
- Incantation: Rank 1 allows influences to work on stronger targets and become harder to resist. Rank 2 allows influences to last 50% longer, which also increases the interval between resist checks from 10 to 15 seconds.
- Master of the Mind: Nearby foes staring at you during combat can get disoriented, attacking idly for a few seconds.


- Fear, Frenzy, Calm: Targets affected by these spells now can try to resist the effect when the spell is cast, and also every several seconds afterwards. This means that a landed spell can last for its entire duration or just partially, depending on the level of the target and the skill of the caster. Success chances can highly increase by dual casting, being a vampire, or drinking skill potions. Magic resistance on targets can also block these spells.
- Rally: Base health and stamina bonuses increased to 50 (from 25).
- Call to Arms: Base health and stamina bonuses increased to 75 (from 25).
- Clairvoyance: Now has decreased cost.
- Invisibility: Now is a channeling spell.
- Muffle: Now lasts 5 minutes (from 3 mins), but gives just partial noise reduction instead of completely removing it.

The armor rating given by Alteration spells will scale according to your skill level. Fortify Alteration potions increase duration of some spells.


- Novice Alteration: Also triggers the skill level scaling for Alteration.
- Master Alteration: Also gives the passive power to periodically purge elemental resistances from nearby foes, such as frost resistance from nords.
- Staff Mastery: Rank 1 allows you to bind non-unique staves, sharing their contained energy. This causes the staff to grant experience and drain only half charges, while the other half is consumed directly from magicka. Rank 2 causes any staff equipped (including unique ones) to slowly regenerate charges, and also grant increased magicka regeneration in combat.
- Mage Armor: Rank 1 increases the magnitude of armor spells by 50%. Rank 2 raises this value to 100%. Rank 3 tops at 150% increased power.
- Static Charge: Rank 1 gives armor spells a chance to stagger enemies hitting you in melee. Rank 2 also disorients attackers, causing them to attack idly for a few seconds.
- Force Armor: You can now wear armor without hindering any kind of ability that requires no armor, but any piece of armor worn will no longer give armor rating while in combat.
- Magic Resistance: Rank 1 grants 10% increased magic resistance. Rank 2 raises this value to 20%. Rank 3 tops at 30% improved resistance.
- Stability: Rank 1 decreases the cost of spells from all schools by 15%, but only if not wearing armor. Rank 2 additionally improves all magic skills by 5 points, but only if not wearing armor.
- Prowess: Novice level spells from all schools no longer cost any magicka to cast.
- Atronach: Absorbs 15% of the magicka of any spells hitting you, and also grants immunity to stagger effects.


- Armors: Now only give full armor rating while not wearing armor, otherwise the effect is greatly reduced. These spells last 5 minutes by default (from 60 secs) and will scale with level, but some magicka is drained whenever the caster is physically hit in combat. Stronger spells drain more magicka, but give more armor rating and have a higher stagger chance (if this additional effect is perked).
- Dragonhide: Halves physical incoming damage and also increases health regeneration for 90 seconds. Can stack with armor rating and other defenses.
- Lights: Now last 5 minutes (from 60 seconds) and have a larger radius. Candlelight has a warmer glow and is automatically dispelled when the caster starts sneaking. Magelight is not limited anymore to a single light.
- Transmute: Now is a channeling spell that continually transmutes ores, favoring iron to silver, but has a chance to consume soul gems in the process. Special indestructible gems are not accepted.
- Detects: These will also try to show the overall level of the enemy, represented by a colored outline - white (1-5), green (6-14), yellow (15-26), blue (27-41), or purple (42+). This color is also tied to the quality of the enemy soul (petty to grand), allowing you to identify the size of the gem required for soul trapping.
- Equilibrium: Now transfers a percent of maximum health instead of fixed values, and should no longer be affected by difficulty level (vanilla issue).
- Paralyze: Now lasts 5 seconds, and will only work while the target is above 30% health.
- Mass Paralysis: Now lasts 10 seconds, and is also limited to 30% health.

Makes the new offensive spells scale correctly and also add some features.

Heals: All undead healing spells now cause stagger when used against living targets. Heal Undead base magnitude decreased to 50 (from 75).
Stendarr's Aura: Now deals 5 damage per second (from 10), but causes vulnerability to physical damage.
Vampire's Bane: Now also deals 50% more damage against vampires.
Soul Cairn Summons: Now conjure a ritual that will continually spawn undead minions for 95 seconds. Each minion will drain health from the caster when spawned, getting tougher the more health is consumed. The ritual is suspended while sneaking.

Makes the new spells scale correctly and also add some features.

IgniteFreeze: Now work as weaker on-demand versions of Intense Flames and Deep Freeze.
Conjure Seeker: Now will also periodically detect life for the caster while out of combat, and is affected by Atromancy.
Conjure Ash Spawn: Now is tougher, and is affected by Necromancy.

The familiar now shares abilities with the caster. Below is the list of abilities it gets according to perks acquired from each school.


- Impact: Adds a chance to stagger/knockdown on hit.
- Endure Flames: Increased fire resistance per rank.
- Endure Frost: Increased frost resistance per rank.
- Endure Shock: Increased shock resistance per rank.
- Overloads: Damage +50% vs foes resistant to the associated element.


- Recovery: Increased health regeneration per rank.
- Radiance: Chance to blind on hit.
- Necromage: Damage +50% vs undead.
Disruption: Incoming damage from spells -50% when near the master.
- Avoid Death: All incoming damage -50% when below 35% health.


- Mystic Binding: Damage +50% when master is above 50% magicka.
Soul Stealer: Damage +50% vs NPCs.
- Atromancy: Chance to banish conjured daedra on hit.
- Necromancy: Chance to turn raised corpses on hit.
- Transfusion: Chance to drain health on hit.


- Blood Lust: Damage +50% when below 50% health.
- Dream Feeder: Damage +50% vs influenced targets.
- Nightmare: Damage +50% vs targets below 35% health.
Displacement: Chance to negate incoming attacks.
- Master of the Mind: Chance to frenzy on hit.


- Mage Armor: Increased armor rating per rank.
- Magic Resistance: Increased magic resistance perk rank.
Prowess: Damage +50% when near the master.
- Stability: Physical damage taken -15%.
- Atronach: Incoming damage from spells -30%.

Each master perk grants a passive power related to that school of magic, which spawns spontaneously near the caster depending on certain circumstances.

All powers have a chance to trigger per second, and also have an internal cooldown. Unleashing a power always consumes a little bit of magicka, and only can work when the caster is above 25% magicka.

Master powers:

- Destruction: Calls down an elemental blast on a nearby foe, which takes form according to the current weather. Only works outdoors.
- Restoration: Spawns a healing surge on the caster or nearby ally, but only when below a health threshold.
- Illusion: Assaults the mind of a nearby living foe, staggering and potentially disarming it. Also can instantly kill targets that fail to resist.
- Conjuration: Instantly heals a nearby summoned or reanimated minion, and also can damage hostile ones.
- Alteration: Purges the elemental resistances from a nearby foe. Only takes effect on enemies with strong resistances.

Most unique staves were improved or fixed to better differentiate from normal staves. See the list below.

Nahkriin's Staff: Renamed from Dragon Priest Staff, now immobilizes living targets in area for several seconds.
Rahgot's Staff: Renamed from Dragon Priest Staff, now creates a flame wall that also makes foes vulnerable to fire.
- Hevnoraak's Staff: Now creates a lightning wall that also makes foes vulnerable to shock.
- Staff of Hag's Wrath: Now creates a frost wall that also makes foes vulnerable to cold.
- Gadnor's Staff of Charming: Now casts an improved version of Fury that can't be resisted.
- Staff of Tandil: Now casts an improved version of Calm that can't be resisted.
- Staff of Arcane Authority: Now casts an improved version of Fear that can't be resisted.
- Eye of Melka: Now causes a frostfire explosion that can benefit from both frost and fire perks.
- Sanguine Rose: Now last for 15 minutes, but only while wielding the staff. This summon has no upkeep.
- Halldir's Staff: Now causes living targets in area to take damage over time.
- Forsworn Staff: Now sprays frostfire that can benefit from both frost and fire perks.
- Skull of Corruption: Damage scales with Illusion.
- Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson: Damage scales with Alteration.
- Staff of Magnus: Damage scales with Alteraton.
Staff of Ruunvald: [DG] Now causes the target to attack idly while dealing double damage for several seconds.
- Aetherial Staff: [DG] Now lasts 5 minutes as most other summons.
- Miraak's Staff: [DB] Damage scales with Alteration.

Below are described some general internal mechanics added with this mod.

- Instant death: Some powerful spells can instantly kill targets that fail to resist. Targets below half the caster's level are always unable to resist and die immediately. Targets above this threshold and up to the caster's level only die if below 30% health. Finally, targets above the caster's level can never be affected.
- Living targets: Many spells can only affect living targets, meaning Automatons, Ghosts and Undead are always immune. Dragons are also too powerful for these spells.
Auras: Many perks grant auras that are automatically activated during combat, affecting nearby foes or allies. These auras can be turned off by simply sheathing weapons/spells, and also are suspended while sneaking.

Some vanilla issues automatically fixed with this mod.

- Runes now correctly benefit from augment perks.
- Summons no longer fail when the caster has magic absorb effects.
- Reanimations should no longer disintegrate when fast travelling or entering new areas.
- Cloak spells no longer dispel summons.
- Blizzard no longer varies in damage according to the caster's frost resistance.
- Respite no longer restores stamina of enemies and non-living targets.
- Staff of Magnus now correctly absorbs magicka and health.
- Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson now correctly drains double magicka and applies its intended blessing.
- Staff of Thunderbolts now correctly casts Thunderbolts.
- Sanguine Rose no longer fails when the caster has the Elemental Potency perk.
- Unstable bodies reanimated by staves now disintegrate as expected.
- Trapped souls will no longer enter wrong gems and will not be removed when filled gems are dropped.
- Bound daggers will correctly behave as daggers instead of swords, and are now silent.
- Equilibrium will no longer vary in power according to the difficulty level.
- All existing scrolls now can be found on sale, and be sold.