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Edits quest objectives to give better descriptions of your next objective so you don\'t have to use the quest marker.

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Seeing as how I've been away from Skyrim for a while and I've let this mod slip, WilliamImm has picked up where I left off with Even Better Quest Objectives. He has updated, modernized and cleaned it so go download that and make sure to endorse!


Thanks to Gunthral for the German translation, which can be found here: Better Quest Objectives German

Have you ever wanted to turn those quest markers off but couldn't because the quest description doesn't give you any indication of where to search for your objective, so you're forced to blindly make a beeline to that marker, taking the wonder of exploration out of it? That's why I've created Better Quest Objectives! What I've done is edited nearly 250 quest objectives/descriptions, spanning over 160 quests, that have super vague or even non existing descriptions of where you're supposed to head next.

For example: This Guy tells you to go talk to That Guy. Well, That Guy is in a town you haven't been to yet because you're brand new to the land of Skyrim so you have no idea where that town is. Also, nothing in the quest description even mentions the name of the town. You're just supposed to remember the name of the town that This Guy mentioned. This is even worse if you picked this quest up 30 hours ago and haven't touched it since, which means you've probably forgotten the details of the spoken conversation. In this situation, I've changed the quest objective from:

"Talk to That Guy"


"Head to This Town at the eastern base of This Mountain and talk to That Guy"

This will allow you to progress the quest by actually navigating your map and not blindly following the quest marker.

I've left certain quests with ambiguous descriptions alone since finding the locations is supposed to be a riddle. Also, if the quest involves a journal that is supposed to shed light on the objective's location, I've edited that journal instead of the actual quest description. That way, you can still deduce the location of your next objective by reading any documents that pertain to the quest.

This mod also cleans up various typos and inconsistencies (for example, misspelled names or referring to a statue as a chalice, etc). If you find any remaining glaring errors, let me know and I'll fix them.

Featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly:

A few things I haven't done:

- Attach better descriptions to some quests with randomly generated locations. I'll probably have to create additional alias references inside the quest, once I learn a little about Papyrus. You'll have to stick with using quest markers for these quests until then.

- Map Marker updates. If a queststage automatically updates your map with an undiscovered location (grey map marker), it will still do that. I might look into disabling these in the future. It doesn't seem like a hard task, just a daunting one.

- This mod does not disable quest markers. It just makes it easier for you to find your next objective without using quest markers. If I do end up making a version that disables quest markers, it will be an optional file.

So that's it! If you think any objectives are still too vague or even too descriptive, let me know and I'll look into changing them. Please let me know when you come across any quests I missed. I tried, but I know I couldn't have hit them all. Any other feedback/criticism is also welcome.


Known Issues:

1. Some quests will display "[...]" where a radiant location, person, dungeon, etc. should be displayed, if the quest has already been started by the time this mod has been activated. This is because the radiant element meant to populate the "[...]" text has already been determined by the game and flushed from the quest's "memory", so to speak. These quests will display as intended the next time you go through them.



1. Load the Barenziah Quest Markers mod after Better Quest Objectives, if you want quest markers for the Barenziah stones.



1.0 - Better Quest Objectives released
1.1 - Added Rebel's Cairn, Forbidden Legend, and Yngol's Barrow quests. Also fixed various typos.
1.2 - Added over 60 additional miscellaneous and "rumor" quests.
1.3 - Edited several guild side quests, misc quests and dungeon quests.
1.4 - Big thanks to tunaisfish for coming up with the script that allows me to display radiant quest locations! Several radiant quest descriptions now display location or hold names. See readme for details.
1.5 - Thanks to chevenga for suggesting a few more descriptions! Companions and Destroy Dark Brotherhood quest lines added. A few Thieves Guild and misc quests added. See readme for details.


Manual Installation:

1. Unzip the archive
2. Place the contents of the unzipped archive in your skyrim/Data folder
3. Activate the plugin in the Data Files menu of the skyrim launcher



1. Delete the BetterQuestObjectives.esp, BetterQuestObjectives.bsa and BetterQuestObjectives Readme.txt files from your skyrim/Data folder


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