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Fully Body Effects placed on a Ring, no longer have to cast a Spell or get the Armor for the effect, These are easy to Changes and fun no with item replacement or effects to other mods. Total of 24 Rings to pick from!

Permissions and credits

A Mod For The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
News Update
Hello everyone, this is just a heads up about me going to be inactive due to the game i been waiting for been released GuildWars2.

I wanted to let everyone know that FX Eye Candy Rings are welcome to anyone to edit and Re-upload on Nexus i do ask u give Credit.

in Creation-Kit you will find the rings under

i may Still upload my other rings at a different Date i still hope you enjoy this mod =)

Chnage Update. v2.1 Alternative
This is not an update more of a Alternative way to use, encase you have a mod that uses the same body object as V2.1 this is just a small change encase you come in contact with a conflict
this one will be useing not 55Unnamed but Decapitate as a different BO.
Effects will still work the same no changes.

New Update. v2.1
Rings are unable to be enchanted becasue there effects on them are (Enchantments)
so to avoide losing your Ring buff's from the rings you gotten i have alterd my rings
some so they use (Biped Object > 55-Unnamed) By doing this it still lets you use
the rings to to get there effects but also you will beable to use the rings you had before
with no change.

I apologize for not thinking of this sooner and for the 2 Updates in 1 Day.

i hope you enjoy this mod to the fullest.

Thank you,

Side Note:
as most of you already know this does indeed work with followers, I do warn you not to put the werewolf ring on your follower it will render them useless perm-effect aswell on them. For you the Werewolf Ring is Harmless and it can be used with out the quest line for it.
for those who wanted to play a wolf with out joining the Companions... now you can =)

Old Update. Ver 2.0
1.) 15 New Rings Added.
2.) New NPC Vendor Added.
3.) Hidden FX Work Shop Added.
3.) Prices Adjusted on Rings.
4.) 1 Special Ring Added - Still in Testing but Useable.
5.) Showcase in Whiterun Dragonsreach in Jarls Quarters *REMOVED*

New Video of Update

This video was Speedup and set to normal to get to the spots needed to be seen.

Preview Video
Preview of 9 rings

(This Video was made Faster so it would not be a
5mins video if the FX is the video look a little wild to you that is why.)


all rings in this mod were created to add FX effects to your player ingame,
you will have 24 choices to pick from each one different from the last.
When Ring is Equipped it apply effect to your Armor (Weapons not Include in effect)
once you unequipped the ring, the effect is removed, so no more having to worry about a perm-effect on your self.

Copy the fx_eye_candy_rings.esp and paste it in your Data folder
and confirm to overwrite the old fx_eye_candy_rings.esp

- Remove fx_eye_candy_rings.esp from your Data folder

Known Issues:
-Werewolf Ring Glitches your Follower and is unable to Revert back or fight
-Follower is not allowed into the workshop (May kill Test Subject)
-Rings in Showcase where bring hit out by NPCs *is REMOVED*
-Mods that use Biped Object > 55-Unnamed may have conflict
-Mixing Rings may cause Conflict with game to prevent that a Biped Object was assigned.

Additional Info:
if there are any problems please leave a note
i will do my best to reply within 24hours.

Want to thank everyone for there comments and helpful suggestions

How to get Rings
Just follow the Video. the entrance is ment to look like a rock and be out of the way when playing your game.

Thank you for downloading my mod , keep checking in for updates. If you like it Endorse and vote for me
Blessing =D