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Author Yuril - Port by Xtudo

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A nice addition to the Riften canal. Fully compatible with vanilla and JK's Skyrim. It's much better now... a more "Bravil" atmosphere.

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FYX - Riften Canal
Author Yuril - Port by Xtudo

Description (Small details that make big differences)
It will add more clutter to the Rifen Canal, making it more "alive". A nice improvement over vanilla, and even over JK's Skyrim.

It will hit your FPS, depending on your computer.
But I really liked the improvement, it gave me a nice old "Bravil" feeling.
And I don't mind losing some FPS in a non-hostile area. So, you will have to choose.
And it can be easily merged.

SE & AE version here.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. :)


Especial thanks
  • To Yuril and to my lovely Patreons and supporters.
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