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A sleepy village has a dark secret to uncover. Will you help or hinder the village? 25 unique quests with branching paths you get to choose how to complete the quest.

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Version 1.1 is out for download! Included some cut content, changed the layout of the village to include trees and some bug fixes. Hope y'all enjoy! Got another update in the works as well.

A sleepy village has a dark secret to uncover. Will you help or hinder the village? 25 unique quests with branching paths you get to choose how to complete the quest. All the quests have no quest markers you will have to learn the landmarks of the village and see what the inhabitants have to say to discover different outcomes. Some of the quest lines will split off into a completely different quest depending on what choices you make. Yes you!

The goal of the mod is to have replayability built into the frame work where you can roleplay and make decisions based on the character you are currently playing. Some quests will be locked off if you have killed the NPC quest giver or it could be a result of earlier actions coming back to haunt you. Maybe even certain quests will be interlinked with previous actions yielding different results? You will have to explore and find that out! 

Are you playing a diplomatic character? You can talk your way through different quests if you know where to look for the information or use the power of extortion. 

Maybe you'd rather let your sword do the talking in that case you will be happy to know every NPC in the village is killable! This route is only recommended for the most blood thirsty players. 

Do you know the right information about the quest? Maybe you should try talking to that character? You never know that hunch could be the correct one.

Have you stumbled into an area before I thought you'd get there? More than likely! Am I going to punish you for that? You know I won't!

There are many more options to consider but do think about what your actions could have on the village... you can't say I didn't warn you! 

This is being considered a late beta build of the project all the quests are feature complete but there are a few known issues listed below. (Still trying to figure out some of the quirks don't you worry!) I am excited to show off progress and get some feedback on the project. There are a few ideas that I am wanting to implement but this stage is being used to make sure the bulk of the mod functions and is clear to you the player what goals can be achieved whilst adventuring across the village.

Know issues:
1: There is no voice acting in the mod so you will have to use fuz ro doh to make the dialogue function correctly.
2: Sometimes mammoths (get it!?!) and giants will spawn in the village which will cause some performance issues briefly but typically lasts around 2-3 seconds.
3: Sometimes the troll NPC will refuse to talk to the player you can kill the troll which will progress that quest.
4: Sometimes different NPC packages won't fire off correctly if you think they have an extra line of dialogue talking to them will rectify that issue.
5: Some NPC's don't give the items to deliver this is due to the engine being limited on what objects can be handed to the player. If you get the quest notification you'll be good to go!
6: The ghost NPC summon is currently non functional at the end of their quest but I'm hoping to get that issue fixed in a later revision.