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Addons for cats, signs and lanterns reacting to the wind, darker LODs textures, bathing rooms, summon Arvak and more!

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My addons and patches
By Xtudo

Several addons for cats, signs and lanterns reacting to the wind, darker LODs textures, bathing rooms and more to come!

I really liked the Midwood Isle mod, I'm having a great adventure with it.
So, as I always do, I did some addons and patches for my game.

The files are for the Midwood Isle v3.06 version.
I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it! :)

And here they are:

PATCH - Strange Crystal fix
Now when you equip it, it's now in your hand, not on the ground. Only meshes.

PATCH - Nord ships
This will return the "Lost at Sea" pirate ship to the vanilla model. I did this to avoid several problems, like NPCs pathfinding, NPCs falling into the water, etc. It is intended to use with the "DK's Realistic and Lore-Friendly Nord Ships" mod, but it could work with any other mods that modifies the vanilla ships.

PATCH - Fantastic grasses and where to find them - a Skyrim grass mod
It really improves the forest areas (check the screen on the Images section). Requires Fantastic grasses and where to find them v2.0.

ADDON - Dangerous NPCs
Port of the official SE plugin:
  • A patch to add very dangerous NPCs to the island, designed for use in a hard mode, survival play-through.
  • Credits to WizKid for suggesting the idea and coming up with the main design of the patch.
  • Adds three nocturnal and three diurnal patrols around the island
  • Also adds three groups of very dangerous enemies at different points on the island. These stay in their location, sandboxing.
  • Credits to Mihail for his work and allowing to use his enemies for this patch.

ADDON - Candle smoke
Adds a smoke effect to candles in all interiors (2100 hand-placed smoke effects!). I think it really enhances the atmosphere of the places.

ADDON - Drinking fountains
Adds 30 drinking fountains to the mayor settlements.
Requires Drinking Fountains of Skyrim v1.2 and my Drinking Fountains - My HD version v1.2 installed first.

PATCH - Red to green lanterns
It changes the red lanterns to a green color.
The red light outside a shop or place makes it look like it's for adults. I like it better this way, maybe you too.

PATCH - Blowing in the wind
Signages and lamps will react to the wind.

ADDON - House cats
Adds 27 cats to the mayor settlements and some interiors.
Requires my House Cats Mihail - Colors and Sound Patch mod v2 installed first.

PATCH - Tree LODs with shadows
This will add shadows to the LODs trees, making them more similar to the full loaded trees.
See the comparison screen, but it is most noticeable in-game.

PATCH - Summon Arvak
It allows to summon Arvak in the lands of Midwood Isle.

ADDON - Bathing rooms
Adds a bathing room to the taverns. Use the trapdoor at the floor to gain access to the bathing room.

PATCH - Less saturated bench
It reduces the saturation of the circular bench located in the center tree of Florin, to fit better the Skyrim's palette.

- SE - AE version here.

  • Many thanks to Mihail, sialivi, Will Evans and DdsLedg for their awesome mods.

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