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: Replace Skyrim's polished gems with more raw and realistic ones to increase immersion especially with vanilla graphics or other graphics mod. Fully mergeable with Wrye Bash.

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: Don't you find strange that every time you go mining around you can pluck gems already polished out of thin air? In reality, when you mine or dig around rocks or ores you find those gems in very raw state, gem cutting or faceting are man made processes. This mesh replacer mod changes all gems' models including other gems from the game and its DLCs for something more realistic and natural but also at the same time respecting Skyrim's fantasy side. All gems were worked with Parallax effects, Cubemaps, Refraction and such, to mimic the real life raw gems.

Thanks for the community's incentive the new V2.0.0 is here and brings a total makeover from zero of all gems including some gems from the DLCs.

Here's what V2.0.0 have:

- Covered all vanilla main Normal and Flawless gems;
- Covered all Soul Gems;
- Soul Gems now glow when filled;
- Covered unique gems like the Eye Of The Falmer, Barenziah's Stones, Meridia's Beacon, Kagrumez Resonance Gem & Paragons;
- Gems like Warped Soul Gem and Exquisite Sapphire have unique meshes;
- Covered all Azura's Star's forms;
- Fixed all V1.0.0 bugs and issues reported by the users like texture path issues;

You can give a look here how they look like during the game:

If you're unable to load the video, disable your Adblock, most of the time this is the cause.

======= Installing =======

- Before all, make sure to create a backup save file in case you didn't like the mod afterwards.
- Open the zip file and inside you'll find a Data folder.
- Drag and Drop this folder to where your Skyrim is installed, where TESV.exe is located.
- Go to your game's launcher or Wrye Bash's launcher and enable it. In Wrye Bash you also have the option to bash it to free a plugin slot.
- Now you're good to go.
- Just a reminder to NEVER uninstall this and any other mod in mid playthroughs or something in your game may not work as intended. Use the backup save recommended.

======= Super Fast F.A.Q =======

- Don't ask me for SE\AE Editions!

- Don't ask me for Patches!

- The .esp plugin is necessary due to some gems not having unique meshes and for the glowing soul gems to work properly.

- Unlike Vanilla, those raw gems will not glow in the dark to respect the environment's lighting and for realism purposes, so you may find a little difficult to search for them.

- Their meshes are light, in terms of polygon count, and will not greatly impact your game's performance, unless you have a room filled to the ceiling with them.

- This mod is an absolute replacer so if you have other mesh replacer mods related to any of these gems altered by the mod they may conflict, specially if they are on loose replacer files.

- Wrye Bash is not necessary but I recommend.

- Consider this replacer a Resource Mod. Feel free to use its contents for your projects, works, patches, other mods, whatever suits your tastes.  ╰ʕ ⁰ ਊ ⁰ ʔ━☆゚.*・。゚