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SKSE plugin that improves shadows by synchronizing them with Skyrim's sun and moon(s)

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Skyrim's shadows aren't synchronized with the sun all the time, during sunrise/-set they disconnect from the visible sun. EVLaS fixes this problem by synchronizing the shadows with the visible sun for the entire duriation of the day.

Another problem EVLaS solves is shadows during the night. Normally they follow a invisble, backwards moving sun but with this mod they will be synchronized to one of Skyrim's moons (Masser by default) instead. This new moonlight will also vary in strength depending on the current moon phase for that extra bit of immersion.

  • Download and install EVLaS with a modmanager of your choice
  • After that you have to generate a load order specific terrain underside using DynDOLOD 3.0 or newer

It's compatible with everything out of the box but your ENB or weather mod may need to be tweaked to accomodate for the more realistic shadows/VL.

This mod is a backport of Skyrim SE's "Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows" (EVLaS) without the volumetric lighting part because LE doesn't support that. If you want more and up to date information on the mod make sure to check out the SE modpage, this page is mainly here as an upload platform.