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Casting Magic, Aiming a Bow, and Reloading a Crossbow can all reduce movement speed by a configurable percentage. Applies to Player & NPCs.

Permissions and credits

  • Install with mod manager of choice
  • Plugin can be placed anywhere in load-order. No Vanilla records edited, conflict-free. Load-order agnostic

How It Works:

  • Uses SPID to distribute a perk to debuff Actor movement speed (Speedmult) when receiving animation events for casting magic, aiming bows, and reloading crossbows
  • Perk dynamically adjusts the debuff for each Actor based on their Speedmult at the time of application
  • The debuffs for Casting, Aiming, and Reloading can be toggled or adjusted as desired from the JSON config file (updates when loading saves)
  • There is also a toggle to prevent any of the debuffs from being applied to the Player
  • Casting magic from Staves will never impede movement speed, nor will it delay any debuffs from being removed

Potential Issues:

  • If Actor movement speed (Speedmult) drops to 0.0 or below, the game disregards the value completely and treats it as 100
  • To mitigate the above, the debuff won't make them slower than 5% of their original movement speed