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A simple script edit to remove the invisible/fleeing potion effect from Smart NPC Potions.

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Smart NPC Potions by jayserpa is a nice little mod that makes enemies use potions during combat under certain conditions. Unfortunately the effect that causes enemies to use an invisibility potion and flee is bugged. This effect is only supposed to trigger if enemies are at low health, the player is a higher level, and if they pass a low chance random check. In my experience the bug caused bandits to use this effect nearly 100% of the time when they reach low health, regardless of level. This patch simply removes the entire invisibility/fleeing mechanic from the mod.

The author has a fixed version for SE, but the use of a SKSE dll by them means it is very difficult to backport to LE. As the author no longer uses LE, I have uploaded this patch (with permission) as a temporary solution.


Download and install the original mod here.

Download and install this mod, let it overwrite the original.


All credit goes to jayserpa for creating the mod, all I did was edit a few lines in a script.