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A quest where you can join the Penitus Oculatus after the vanilla "destroy the dark brotherhood" quest and get all the rewards.

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Description from Original Mod
After you complete the quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!", you can join the Penitus Oculatus by speaking to Commander Maro.
As a Penitus Oculatus agent, you can complete the following radiant quests from Commander Maro:
  • Steal documents from the Thalmor
  • Assassinate troublesome Thalmor agents
  • Kill rogue Penitus Oculatus agents
  • Assassinate Thalmor collaborators
  • Kill remnant Dark Brotherhood assassins
After completing a few of these quests, you'll be given a quest line to eliminate the rest of the Dark Brotherhood:
In the process, you'll be able to obtain unique items from the Dark Brotherhood quest line:
Other miscellaneous things you do:
  • Gain access to both Falkreath and Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries, converted for Penitus Oculatus occupation.
  • Obtain an optional follower.
  • Free torture victims and be rewarded.

  • If you are upgrading to versions 0.13.0 or higher from any lower version,
  • please make sure don't have "A Nest of Vipers" quest active. I have moved the locations of artifacts, and upgrading during this quest might lock you out of these rewards.
  • If you are upgrading to versions 0.10.0 or higher from any lower version, please make sure you do not
  • have any Penitus Oculatus quest active other than "Penitus Oculatus." Upgrade the mod after you have cleared these quests from your quest log.
  • After upgrading, clean deleted scripts with FallrimTools.

Thanks wSkeever for another great mod :)