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Whiterun is guarded by the Western Watchtower to the west, Whitewatch Tower to the north, but nothing to the east. This mod changes that and adds a small guard post on the crossroads next to Honningbrew Meadery.

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To the west the mighty Western Watchtower guards the ever so bustling city of Whiterun. To the north Whitewatch Tower protects the northern border of Whiterun, but to the east, there is nothing. The area outside of Whiterun has always felt a bit empty, there are plenty of good mods that rectify that but they all forget about one thing. The safety of the Whiterun citizens. Well, no more! 

Whiterun Guard Post East will protect the road to Riverwood, the late stragglers from Honningbrew Meadery, the travellers that arrive by the road from east of Skyrim and the farms to the north. 

Something small that will add to your immersion!

The mod should respond to the Civil War quest line as well.

Use your favourite mod manager or simply drop the file in your data folder. 

Use your favorite mod manager or simply delete the file from your data folder.

More or less everything, unless it changes the tine corner in the crossroads section where the guard post is located.
It works very well with Lanterns of Skyrim for example, see example below.