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Better eyebrow replacement for your characters and NPCs!
Now for LE!

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High Poly Version >>Here<<

This is a backport of Kyoe's Bang'n Brows mod for Skyrim SE
All credit goes to Kyoe for making the original mod.

You may say  "There are a lot of brow mods on the nexus and beyond to choose from, so why add another to that list?"



I've had and redonethese textures multiple times since SSE was released and figured I'd upload them in case others might want to use them as well.

There are many a mod out there that add standalone brows and some replacements that I like and often use but there are times when I just prefer my brows custom made. Everyone has a certain "style" they prefer and these are my own.

Some shapes are inspired by trends, celebrities and just random images on the internet for shape guidelines. I will also add that they are tintable but a tad bit darker than vanilla because I don't like how light they get with lighter hair colours.

Maybe lore friendly? Depends if they like to pluck their brows in Skyrim.


Use Nexus Mod Manager or manually add the "data" folder into the main game directory.


Fuzzy caterpillars for yer face!

Default replacements and standalone versions available!

Optional alternative sets available for more styles!
(I have plans to continue releasing more alternatives in the future)

Hand drawn by me!

For both genders!


"They don't look exactly like the pictures!?"

hey will be shaped differently depending your  preset, face morphs and race. If you use racemenu or ECE you can edit their shape better in-game.
The pictures included are with vanilla sliders set to "0" and no modded sliders used aside from ECE face sliders, depending on the characters. Elves and Redguards have extremely pointy browbones by default!

"Can I use some of the assets for my mod?"

Of course!  just credit me please. It was quite time consuming to make... about  40mins+ for each brow.

"Will you make a standalone version?"

Standalone version provided by Shiva182

"Can you make an eyebrow in this -insert image link here-style?"

I may with the "Alternative" set series. Message me a reference picture and if I like the look I'll add it.