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This is a mod that removes the "essential" status on the Imperial legates and Stormcloak Field Commanders in the Imperial camps and Stormcloak camps which will make them killable. Also added respawn options for the entire camps.

Permissions and credits
When I first found a Imperial camp I decided to kill them all as I were a Stormcloak. So I started killing them just to find out that the leader was impossible to kill.
If this has happened to you and you want to change it then this simple mod is for you.

There are 3 Main files for this mod. You only need one.

1. Full Camp Respawn - Will make the leaders killable and all leaders and soldiers in the camp will respawn.

2. Both Imps and Sc - With Respawn - Will make the leaders respawn when killed. I do not know the respawn timer but I've heard that its 15 days.

3. Both Imps and Sc - No Respawn - Will make them killable with no respawn. You kill them and they stay dead!

Only use 1 of the .esp!

You just have to unrar the .rar file with Winrar or a similar program and then put the .esp in your Skyrim/data folder or download it with Download Manager.

Things I'm working on atm:
Making a mod that will increase the size of the camps and add more soldiers.
Making a mod that will make the opposite side take the camp over when wiped out.

I have tested the mod and there should be no bugs but please if you would find something odd happening after you used the mod then please tell me.
Please endorse if you like it and/or write a comment =)

At first this mod was only for killing the Imperial Legates. So I would like to give credit to the people that have given me ideas.

Spanian77 - Giving me the idea of adding respawns.
Halorix - Giving me the idea of making the Stormcloak leaders killable to.