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A new vendor inside Warmaidens in Whiterun just sells ingots. Nerfed version of an old, cheaty mod. This is mainly for people doing Hearthfires homes and who have a lot of followers' gear to work on.

Permissions and credits
This is a patch-up of an old mod to nerf it to not be so cheaty.  It places a new vendor inside Warmaidens in Whiterun who just sells ingots.

He has lots of iron and a fair amount of corundum, to compensate for Hearthfires house building using up all of it.  He also has a fair amount of steel (used a whole lot during the early to mid-game), and ebony (used a whole lot late game since it's used for ebony and for daedric gear); a low amount of other utilitarian ingots; and a very low amount of gold and silver.


This mod is mainly for those tired of grinding at smithing and the mining of ores, and who need to improve a lot of gear for followers, and who are building all their Hearthfires houses, and who otherwise need more ingots than are easily obtained in the vanilla game (maybe some mod requires you to craft some objects out of 25 moonstone ingots, whatever).  If you are a mostly vanilla player this will be a pointless mod for you, and potentially cheaty.

Another reason is the vanilla game pretends that ebony and other "advanced" ingots simply don't exist until you reach a certain level, but this serves no purpose since you can't normally get gear that requires it at an early level.  However, various mods (sensibly or not) may provide gear requiring ebony right at the start and you won't be able to temper it without some mod making ingots available early.

The vendor doesn't bother carrying ores.  This is because providing a bunch of iron ore would be an infinite money cheat with Transmute, and buying tons of ores then smelting them around the corner would be a smithing XP cheat.

How This Version Differs from the Original

* New in 1.2: Vendor is classed as a blacksmith not a general-goods merchant, same as Adrianne and Ulfberth.

* New in 1.1: Vendor no longer has ebony gear (can't kill him at level 1 and get end-game armor), is no longer unarmed, has proper faction membership (can't rob the store in front of him), etc.

* Vendor has a limited amount of ingots instead of 99 of each kind.

* Vendor has corundum; the original mod forgot that one.

* Vendor has 2000 gold in vendor money, instead of 10K!  I didn't make it less, to compensate for him not being investible and also being a one-trick pony who doesn't sell and buy general goods. By the time you have the perks to make him buy all items and have even more gold, you won't need it.  And I also find it annoyingly grindy to have to go town to town selling off loot.  If this is still too cheaty, I may make a version with only 1K vendor money.

* Gives the vendor a proper name instead of just naming him after his race (misspelled at that).

It does NOT differ from the original mod in having the vendor be a Khajiit.  This really isn't lore-friendly, as Khajiit are not usually allowed in the
cities, but I don't have time to build a new Orc or whatever NPC to replace him with, and I figure if the player character can get special dispensation
to be a free-roaming Khajiit, there must be some others here and there, too.  Adrianne Avenicci of Warmaidens is the daughter of the Steward of Whiterun,
so she just pulled some strings.  And the game has too few Khajiit anyway.

It keeps the same ESP name as the original mod despite the version number difference: "Ingot Seller And BuyerV0.1.esp".  This is so LOOT recognizes it and sorts it the same.

I picked "Ingot Buyer and Seller" to nerf instead of "Ore and Ingots Merchant" because the latter is even more cheaty, and is complicated by having multiple vendors who also deal in ores, soul gems, etc.  It's just too much.  Oh, and it has pointlessly restrictive permissions.

Requirements and Installation

Requires only Skyrim, not the DLCs.

Install like any other mod, with a mod manager or manually.

Should easily merge with other minor patches, via Merge Plugins Script for xEdit, or the Merge Plugins stand-alone app, or the zMerge function of ZEdit.

If the vendor does not show up in your game, be sure to sort your mods with LOOT.  Also try waiting 48 hours in-game then going into Warmaidens.

Credits and Permissions

Most of the work was all by deathlord549; I just twiddled a bit in xEdit.  The original mod was released without any restrictions, so this version is likewise.  Do whatever you want with it.  Please credit deathlord549, and also endorse his original mod:
as well as me and mine.  :-)