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The awesome Ordinator armor in all its glory. Male and female versions, weight slider, no pauldrons, two swords, proper inventory items, 4K or 2K, BSA, and more.

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INDORIL ARMOR - My version

By Xtudo

The awesome Indoril Ordinator Armor in all its glory.
I always liked the Ordinators' armor, since Morrowind, I even did a mod for Oblivion about them. And now for Skyrim.

  • It is a heavy armor, same stats as the vanilla Ebony Armor.
  • Male and female versions. With or without pauldrons.
  • An Indoril Greatsword and an Indoril Sword.
  • An Indoril Shield.
  • Proper inventory items.
  • Weight sliders.
  • 4K or 2K texture versions.
  • All pieces are tempereable.

Where to get it? (Choose one in the Optional downloads, more to come)
  • Default: Get it from enemies (Solstheim: Outside Nchardak).
  • Only by crafting, no enemies.
  • From enemies and by crafting.

Extras (Miscellaneous downloads)
  • Helmet color: Blue scarf - Black hair.
  • Helmet color: Purple scarf - Golden hair.

- SE-AE version here.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
Don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)


Especial thanks
  • To Billyro, DylanF1, Hohn, Felix Lukas and QuarantineCouture for they awesome work.
  • To my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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