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A mod pack containing Ilieh - Cry of the Damned, Yol'Kreh - The Infernal Scythes, Occiglacies, and The Ayleid Crystal Saber

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An extremely requested weapon pack of all of my unique weapon mods to date!
Any extra screenshots please see the SE Pages for
It is only 1 ESP
Enjoy <3

Weapon Types Available: Greatsword and Sword
The Weapon is upgradable at a forge to increase its strength and thirst for souls with the Ebony Smithing Perk!
In order to craft this, you must have the ebony smithing perk and get a crafting book that has a chance to drop from a Seeker 
The weapon has unlimited Soul Steal and Damages the Enemies Stamina, it can be upgraded with more of its unique crafting material and will grow stronger as you feed it more souls
It has custom enchantment soundfx, hitfx, enchantment fx, and a unique soul steal variant

In order to craft the scythe you need to create the Blackened Steel Variant first with 2 Steel Ingots, and 4 Ebony Ingots at a forge! After that, you need to obtain the item "Burning Heart" which has a 25% Drop Chance from Legendary Dragons, and combine your Blackened Scythe with it to create the warped flame variant.
As with my other mods, the item can be upgraded and tempered at each stage as you level it up, you can even upgrade the Blackened Steel Variant!

Ayleid Crystal Saber
Weapon Type: Sword
There is a crafting book located alongside the unique enchanted sword!
It is currently located in the basement of the Thalmor Embassy!
To get it you will have to find the key hidden on one of the guards, many new guards have been added!
There are several fake keys scattered amongst the guards, it's up to you to find who has it!
Sword Enchantment:
Drains 30 Points of Magicka for 2 seconds
Does 30 Magicka Damage
Unlimited Enchantment
The sword is cursed and causes all spells to cost 30% more to cast!!!


Weapon Type: Greatsword and Sword!
Resolution: There are 2k and 4k versions of the sword respectively
You can find one enchanted version of the sword located in the world
The Enchanted Version has a chance to create a Blizzard against Human Races on Death
(eg. Breton, Nords, Redgaurd, and Imperials)
You can now Switch the sword between 1-Handed and 2-Handed at the Skyforge for 20 gold!
Rumors of the Blade say it is located near the entrance of the Forgotten Vale!
The Unenchanted Version can now be obtained in one of two ways!
1st: Defeat Arch-Paladin Vyrthur
2nd: Behind the Throne, in the Temple of Auri-El there is a crafting book!

Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Topogun, Creation Kit

You cannot use this in your mods without explicitly contacting me or Austioxv
[email protected]

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