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Added: 24/02/2012 - 01:40PM
Updated: 01/03/2012 - 08:58AM

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Last updated at 8:58, 1 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 13:40, 24 Feb 2012

A picturesque player home with home made beer and buxom wenches! Located on the cliffs near Ivarstead.

Comes with:
A merchant living next door
A dual wielding sneaky companion
Beer Brewing Vats
2 new types of Beer to make with Hidden Recipes (more to come!)
Brewmasters Hood
Lots of storage and everything an adventurer needs.

Do a circuit of the lake near Ivarstead and you will come across it.
The keys are located "somewhere" inside the brewery cellar...

Dragonmead Brewery comes with it's own special beer which increases carry weight for a short time. You can make your own if you can find the recipes. Inside the house is a keg of Dragonmead Special Reserve which increases Carryweight significantly for a couple of minutes, Useful for moving a loads of stuff around the house. Dragonmead special reserve can be made as well but good luck finding the recipe ;)

I highly recommend the spouses can live anywhere mod to compliment this.

Update 29/02/12 - Brewing Beer now requires a Brewing Vat
- improved merchants inventory
- Fixed Forge Light
- Fixed Mannequins sneaking about
- Turned a chest to face the right direction
Update 27/02/12 - Dragonmead Special Reserve now gets you properly hammered.
- Added hidden recipes for the beer. You can only make it if you can find the recipies
- Companion and Trader can only die by your hand.
- made plans for Jezebel the Cow
Update 26/02/12 - Companion will return to the brewery when dismissed. Added some secrets.
Update 26/02/12 - Added a Dual Wielding Sneaky companion and some better lighting in the basement.
Update 25/02/12 - More Merchant Gold, a Cow called Jezebel, a Recipe for Dragonmead and some minor tweaks
Update 24/02/12 - Now with more Tree and a Map Marker Fix
Update 24/02/12 - Fixed Depth Bias (stripy shadows!) in the Cabin Basement


This will clash with "Heros Keep" player home

As some of you may or may not know, there are a number of bugs with the Creation Kit: NavMeshes (which tell NPCs where they can walk) are bugged and can occasionally cause your followers not to follow. As well, large statics (buildings, objects, etc) can sometimes not load correctly in-game. If you encounter these issues, please enter and exit the building, fast travel to another location and back again or try saving and reloading.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues or have ideas for improvements or new features. This is my first public mod, and appreciate the feedback.