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a nordic ruin just north east of Ivarstead.

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Silver Yol
by: venjhammet

an ancient Nordic ruin just northeast of Ivarstead. Conquer the dungeon and destroy the powerful enemies that lurk in the depths and wield the weapon hidden beneath the catacombs.

-hard difficulty (level 10 minimum)
-uses only vanilla assets and non-radiant
-Room-bound optimized for better rendering on each cell
-new semi-boss enemy and variety of draugrs and less shout fest
-no port to console. Nexusmods exclusive only
-no posting on another site, please
-compatible with all of my other Standalone Dungeons, Reworked Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack 1, and New Vominheim

Please take note:
NOT COMPATIBLE with "Hammet Dungeon Pack 2"


-fixed coc heading marker
-dungeon gradually increases difficulty as you progress each cell
-added more clutters and some minor enhancement on each cell

-added skybox lighting
-added a candlelight so the secret entrance on the first cell will be easily visible
-added a small room in 1st cell
-increase the difficulty to very hard
-removed radiant quest

-minor fixed on Draugr scourge that doesn't have a shout
-additional room on Silver Yol Aqueduct

Location of the dungeon in case there are other mod out there that uses the same location where the dungeon is located

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