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Randomized first person magic casting animation with Dynamic Animation Replacer

Permissions and credits
This is randomized first person magic casting animation with Dynamic Animation Replacer as a requirement.
Installation with Nexus mod manager or just manually drag & drop to your data folder
Double check your download file is it correctly placed in destination folder

Folder 3xxx    contain dual casting
Folder 4xxx    main spell, separated by left hand - mlh_xxx and right hand - mrh_xxx
Folder 9xxx    Idle stance
All vanilla magic spell name list that changed in this mod is in Readme tab

Update log
0:01 Random idles
0:20 Restoration self release
Restoration concentration
1:42 Destruction
2:00 Telekinesis
2:30 Ward
2:55 Dual casting
0:01 Left Destruction Concentration
0:38 Right Destruction Concentration
0:55 Left Destruction Aim Release
Right Destruction Aim Release
Dual Casting Cocentration
2:45 Dual Casting Aim Release

Same animation moves shared with other magic class for example healiing in restoration also plays for alteration, etc

Skyrim Special Edition

Requirement Dynamic Animation Replacer by Felisky 384
Thanks, come back and endorse if you like this