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A combination of my own Whiterun Bridges and GamerDude092's awesome mod - with a few changes.

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Whiterun Expansion by GamerDude092 is absolutely my favorite Whiterun Mod and I usually have it installed on any playthrough. It is simply awesome. 
His original mod; Whiterun Expansion 
I have combined his mod and mine Whiterun Bridges.  
On his mod page he gives explicit permission to "Do whatever you want with it. All I ask from you in return is to credit me." which I am. 

The newer optional file (Whiterun Eastside with Gate) is kcaz25's non-opencities version of GamerDude092's Whiterun Extension with my modifications (roads, gate and bridges).
This one has a closed gate going into the Jorrvaskr area. 

The changes I made to his mod are to add a new (and rather derelict) staircase and gate - so you can avoid going all the way around, and enter at Jorrvaskr.  You simply go straight up from Chillfurrow Farm to the new entrance behind Jorrvaskr. 
Also I added a board walkway from Battle-Born Farm that goes up to Silver Tree Mine so you can get to the mine more easily. 
I added a smelter behind the Enchanter's Forge. Seems to me like the blacksmith Lerguk would need one. So do we. 
I also flattened out an area of ground close to this  new smelter so Campfire users have a nice place to set up their camp. Now you have an outside area with all smithing tools close by. 
I tweaked some NavMeshes here and there. 
Those are the only changes I made to his mod. 

My mod "Whiterun Bridges" adds two bridges to the same areas and a road through the farms. 
One bridge I jokingly named Nazeem's Bridge since it crosses that annoying steam between the road and his farm.  It just seems like something needed to be there. Do we really think Nazeem would be bothered to walk all the way around?  
The other bridge crosses White River from Battleborn Farm to the road on the other side. It's just a more convenient place to cross. 

Obviously this conflicts with anything that changes these cells. Particularly Bathing Beauties of Skyrim. I will be attempting a version that works with BBoS.  
I doubt if it conflicts with anything inside Whiterun. 

I was advised there were some problems such as no foundation under one house and some floating wall spikes. Version 2 has fixed those issues.