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Adds two frozen swords to your game. One carved from pure stalhrim and another fusing both steel and ice together.

Permissions and credits
Blades of Ice adds two swords forged with ice to your game.

It can be acquired in the following ways:

1. Using the console, type in "help: "Ice Sword" or "Ice Blade". Then type; "player.additem xxxx" where xxxx is the Id listed beside the item.
2. The Ice Sword can be crafted at a forge. You will need the Ebony Smithing perk.
3. The Ice Blade can be found at a certain location in game.


This should be compatible with everything.


Dragonborn DLC

Drop the files into your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Delete the files from your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Q: Can you make the weapons more powerful?
A: Nope, it is easy to do yourself if you wish to.

Q: Can you add a greatsword version?
A: No, I only want one-handed versions for this sword. If you want to make a greatsword version and release it though, you may. Just let me know first.

Q: Can you ___?
A: I will not make changes to this mod outside of bug fixes.

Check out my other mods on my Official Mod Page! (warning: loverslab link)

Credits and Thanks:
    Bethesda for Skyrim
    Blender for the fantastic program
    GIMP for their free photo editor
    Paint.NET for having better compressing options than GIMP
    Substance Painter for the fantastic texturing software
    HUMUS for their cubemap base
    Everyone who read my stories. I have learned so much since I first started in October 2016, I couldn't have made it without you guys.

    Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
    NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods.
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