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Backport of Gearshout's Mercenary Armor

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This is a copy/paste of the original mods page, thanks to Gearshout for allowing me to backport their mod. You can find their original mod here

New light armor set for your mercenaries and bounty hunters. Created on the basis of vanilla iron armor. Standalone, lore-friendly, easy to manufacture and maintain. Set includes two types of armor for male and female, basic light armor and heavier reinforced armor are available.

The characteristics of the armor are very similar to the standard iron armor.

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Should be compatible with all mods.


Copy the contents of the archive folder to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate
the .esp file in the Skyrim Launcher.  Alternatively, use your mod manager of choice to install the mod.

Known Issues

The tips of elven ears can stick out from the hood. Transparent textures on reinforced boots.