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Hi-Res retexture of Glass armor and weapons for male and female.

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-JAGR: Just Another Glass Retexture-

2/23/12 - V1.0 (Release)

JAGR, silly name aside, is a standard and simple retexture of the Glass armor and weapons. While there are a multitude of retextures for this armor already, I felt that the quality of most was sub-par at best, which prompted me to try my hand at it.

I used the official HD Texture pack as a starting point, so almost all textures have been scaled to 2048x2048, I also made use of the same brush technique used in my other retexture mod: Black Dragonscale Hi-Res to give the metals in the armor a dark and grittier theme, color of the glass was also changed to a subtle blue.

The main download contains male and female armors, matching shield, and all weapons, including Chillrend. These files just alter textures and should be compatible with any mesh hack mods.

The optional download contains mesh edits to the weapons and armor changing the specular colors to match the new color scheme. In less a technical explanation, these files will change the color of highlights on the weapons and armor from reflecting light sources, where the original color was green, it is now the same subtle blue as the glass parts themselves. Though these will conflict with any mod that alters the Glass armor's/weapon's meshes, the retextures were designed with them in mind and I highly recommend using them side by side. That said, I'm open to compatibility tweaks if asked, just leave a comment or PM with the mod you have in mind, once I contact it's author and acquire permission I'll post the compatibility file.


To install, extract the archive to your Skyrim directory, or install with NMM (Nexus Mod Manager).

Recommended to install with NMM.

Known issue:

Some world/inventory models in the optionals package still have the green hue, however armor being worn by player or NPC's have the correct and intended blue hue.