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The Twilight Forest, a mysterious place in which resides an unusual cabin for your useage.

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[size=13]The Twilight Forest Release 0.5[/size]

[size=13]A Player Home Mod[/size]

By Noxman

Featured in Inthepastxx's mod roundup!(using v0.3)


- Cosy cabin high above the forest
- Crafting ameneties (Alchemy, Enchanting, Forge, Workbench, Grinding wheel, Smelter and Cooking pot)
- A merchant to trade with
- Storage that fits the aesthetic (not dozens of chests stacked up in shelves)
- Some neatly placed weapon plaques (not lined up in an endless corridor)
- An alchemy garden that will reset upon a few days non-useage (the entrance to this area is underneath the cabin)
- Convenient teleport to and from the entrance
- Main area and path nav-meshed and follower friendly
- Spouses Can Live Everywhere compatible with plenty of idle markers



The Twilight Forest is a hidden magical forest within a massive cavern. Within is a cabin suspended above the ground to use as your player home. It contains all crafting assets including plenty of storage, a bookcase and weapon plaques. There is also an outdoor study by the pond which has a cooking pot. Near the waterfall is a trap door to Kenya's Hideout. This npc will provide merchant services to you and is available from 8am to 10pm. Underneath the cabin is the cave entrance to the alchemy garden. This area will reset after a few days if not entered.

Designed for the multi-purpose mage character, The Twilight Forest is less for convenience and more for those who want a comfortable and attractive player home. I have endeavored to make the area aesthetically pleasing without being too far removed from the fantasy environment of skyrim. Bring a torch or light spells! The Twilight Forest is a dark place (Version with soft ambient lighting available).

The location of the forest is east of Kynesgrove, in the images section is the precise location.



If you are changing from normal to ambient or vice-versa you will need to remove all your stuff from The Twilight Forest before switching! If you are upgrading then all your gear is safe.

Simply place the .esp file in the Data folder of your Skyrim installation folder and check the box in the data files menu of your Skyrim launcher. Or download with the Nexus Mod Manager and activate in its menu.

To uninstall simply uncheck the mod and delete the .esp.

Things to note:

The whole world space is set to not respawn, so if you pick any of the flowers they will remain picked! I decided to leave them useable so you can make the choice yourself.

Skyrim can only render a certain amount of lights at any one time. This means some lights 'pop' in rather than fading in. I have tried to alleviate this problem with various barriers although it is a little noticeable in places.

The main path and living areas along with Kenya's Hideout have been navmeshed. The Font of Nature has not because any follower would be stuck the whole time in there.

The Twilight Forest is not in any way related to a certain series of mind-numbingly horrid films or books.


Update! Added an optional ambience version for those who don't like the total darkness!

Updates 2: Both versions updated with new added atmosphere (some smoke :D), critters in the form of myriad insects, and a brand new vendor with plenty o' cash! On the table in the cabin is a journal written by the previous owner of the house for those who want some rp friendliness.

Updates 3: Both versions updated to v0.3. Contains general bug fixes and have added more plant-life to the pathway in the forest to make it look less bare and more pleasant. Fixed rare bug where grass from the twilight forest world space would show up in unrelated interior cells. Fixed bug where npc vendor would disappear (due to a bed against a wall that could be gotten out of into the wall so she fell out of the world).

The vendor has her own schedule and is available from 8am to 10 pm.

Update 4: Updated to v0.4.
- Minor alterations to Twilight Forest cavern space to make it more functional.
- Added alchemy garden (Name: The Font Of Nature) which will reset when not entered for a few days.

Comments and suggestions welcome!