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Adds 'Angelic Halos' and 'Demonic Horns' for your characters of Skyrim

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This mod adds craftable Halos and Horns to the game of Skyrim

This mod was mainly made to accompany the 'FavoredSouls Angels in Skyrim' mod.
With the addition of wings, why not have halos and horns aswell!?

.: Uses Slot [#55] :.

- May look bland/matt with ENB and lighting shaders - FXAA PPI is fine -

(The video on the left shows v1.2, and thus shows the smaller outdated fallen halos - The video on the right shows v1.5)

.: Thank you so much for the 500+ Endorsements :.

The Halo will Glow/Ignite when worn by any character, and will not use an already assigned armour slot. You can use this freely with helmets,robes and circlets simultaneously.
Companions can also use this mod. Just give them either the horns or a halo and they will automatically equip it.

You can craft the Halos and Horns using any Forge under the 'Jewelry' section.
To craft the 'Flaming Demonic Horns' you need to be at a SkyForge.

To craft the 'Angelic Halo' you will need 1 of each of the 6 'Flawless' gems:
  • 1 Flawless Amethyst
  • 1 Flawless Diamond
  • 1 Flawless Emerald
  • 1 Flawless Garnet
  • 1 Flawless Ruby
  • 1 Flawless Sapphire

To craft the 'Fallen Halo' you will need 1 of each of the 6 gems (+1 more gem of the relevant colour for the colour variants):
  • 1 Amethyst
  • 1 Diamond
  • 1 Emerald
  • 1 Garnet
  • 1 Ruby
  • 1 Sapphire

To craft the 'Demonic Horns' you will need:
  • 2 Mammoth Tusks
  • 1 Flawless Ruby
  • 2 Fire Salts

To craft the 'Flaming Demonic Horns' you will need:
  • 1 Demonic Horns
  • 2 Fire Salts

User 'shadowking66' suggested "Maybe a black/blood red halo. Or a halo on fire. Black flames maybe?"
Seemed like an interesting concept. How'd it turn out?

I've added flaming horns with v1.3 as an upgraded form of the standard horns. It gives 50% resistance to flames and has fire on the tips of the horns. It can only be crafted using a SkyForge.
I'm not sure I like the overall look of the flaming horns myself, it looks slightly off. We shall see...

Special Thanks to user 'kalthrok' as he sent me the files of his various re-textures for the colour variants. I took those files, edited them (a lot), and added them to the main files (with persmission).

As many people have been asking about it, the Daedric armour retexture I'm using in the screenshots is:
'Daedric Armor and weapon Improvement' by GarryG

  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
  • Or download manualy and extract to your Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Then make sure the 'Angelic_Demonic.esp' file is active in the Data section of your SkyrimLauncher.exe.

- Added two new horn variants

- Added 4 new colour variants of the 'Fallen Halo' (White, Green, Pink, Red)
- Tweaked 'Demonic Horns' textures
- 'Ao no Exorcist' horns now engulf the character in blue flames when worn

- Brightened 'Fallen Halo' flames

- Improved 'Fallen Halo' flames
- Halo flames now give off vapour distortion
- Added craftable blue flamed version of the 'Fallen Halo'

- Increased flame height and intensity of the 'Fallen Halo'
- Increased 'Demonic Horns' glow intensity
- Added 'Flaming Demonic Horns'

- Added 'Fallen Halo' for those corrupt angels out there
- Darkened 'Demonic Horns' texture
- Lowered original Halo height (optional file still makes it lower)

- Added 'Demonic Horns' for those of you who follow unlawful characters
- Tweaked Halo to not give of a dull yellowish tint when indoors or by a large light source
- Slight mod name change

- Initial release
- Adds craftable Halo to the game

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