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This is just a zip file containing the Japanese voices for Skyrim if you wanted to play in Japanese, nothing more nothing less. THIS MOD IS COMPATIBLE WITH SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION READ THE DESCRIPTION.

Permissions and credits

- This mod, I don't even know if you can call this a mod to be honest. Let's just get straight into it, the file in this mod page contains the Japanese Voice Pack for Skyrim if you want to play it in Japanese or you're a die hard weeb (like me) or something you can download this one.

This was requested by a friend and suggested I should post it here for easy access for the others who wanted to the same. The files here were extracted from the original .BSA file from Skyrim Special Edition using Bethesda Archive Extractor (BSA & BA2) by hexabit massive thanks to him and his tools for making this possible.

In short yes, these are extracted to loose files if you only want certain things in Japanese that's completely your choice and freedom. And yes I tested this and is working with Oldrim and LE it works handy dandy, since these are just voice files and not game altering mods anyways.

I made this mod specifically for people who doesn't want to do the Steam Language change, or those people who didn't get their Skyrim l e g a l l y.

I uploaded the files for a reason, there was a user here in Nexus who hidden the mod for the Japanese voice pack files for unknown reasons, so I tried to contact him but couldn't get in touch. So I took matter in my own hands and ripped it out from the game files and post it instead lmao.


- Just extract the files and placed the content extracted in your Skyrim LE or Skyrim SE data folder. (e.g. E:\Games\Skyrim - Legendary Edition\data) and boom you're done.

- If using a mod manager, just follow the procedure how you would normally install any mods using MO2 or NMM


- Should be no Incompatibilities whatsoever? Man I don't know, I mean if you have some mods that uses replacer voice files for the English pack, I mean yeah it would be incompatible. What I would suggest is install this first before the voice altering mods. Although it would break immersion (as everyone would now speak in Japanese and some of your modded npc or companion would be speaking English) it would still work just fine.

- Immersive Speechcraft for LE. The mod calls the voice files from the original BSA instead from the sounds folder. But if you're on SSE and you're using the BSA version for SE it would work fine and would play the Japanese voice lines instead. So sorry LE folks.

Skyrim Special Edition Compatible?:

Yes! Just place the file inside the data folder!


> Does this mod works with Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) or any mod that adds custom dialogues?

- Yes, it does work regardless if the mod uses original voice files or custom voiced files. If it uses original voice files, the mod would just call for the files that would play the Japanese audio and work well. If it uses custom voiced files that the mod author created specifically for it, then it would play that custom voice file instead of the Japanese one. Which would be weird as everyone would speak Japanese and the things the mod added would be in English. 

> What if I have questions that isn't in the FAQ?

- Post your question in the post page and I would answer immediately if I have the free time (which I do all the time thanks to online classes : ) )

> BSA Version for LE?

- Unfortunately it doesn't work, after a user requested for a BSA version, LE won't even start for him and same for me, tried my best to match the string files that LE calls with the modified BSA It still didn't work, soooo you'll have to do with the loose files instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

> Will this work on my Oldrim that doesn't have DLCs?

Yep! Would completely work fine regardless if you don't have the DLCs or not, but the voicelines for the DLC would still be in the Japanese files that I provided so that would be unneeded files for you.