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1. Description and mod future
2. Installtion (READ CAREFULLY!)
3. Credits

New Enchantment Items can be bought at Belethor's in whiterun if you want to buy them for new enchantments or try them out wihtout looking for them however they are expensive.

All new enchantments are being made to be balanced and lore friendly, they are powered to how rare they are.

1. Description, Enchanted Items Overhaul

Makes enchanted items far more RARE with settings for 15% (default main file) or 50% (if you dont want the items to be ultra rare)

I didnt like the levelling system of Skyrim as it was too much like oblivion. This basically changes it to halfway between oblivion and morrowind where yes theres a chance of finding a powerful weapon at the start of the game, but its such a small chance that it doesnt ruin the gameplay.

This is meant to be played with the main file only, magic items are very POTENT and now you must earn them by slaying a powerful foe, theres no more 5 bandits huddling around a chest full of powerful artifacts but only using their iron axes. there will be a chance to find ANY weapon at ANY level, but at level 1 you will have (approximatly) a 5% chance of ever finding a daedric level weapon,
There is an 15% (or 50% depending on what file you choose) chance that when you encounter a boss level character (vampire master, deathlord, bandit chief etc) that they will be carrying a magical item. This item is completely random from all availiable items and weapons (AS WELL AS THE 30 new weapons with 300 variations of magical effects)

Not all weapons are shown in the pics, many more are avaliable
New Enchantements are as follows:

Disarm on Strike ( disenchantable)
Stagger on Strike ( disenchantable)
Freeze Solid on strike ( disenchantable)
Fortify Destruction Spell Damage (stackable, disenchantable)
Fortify illusion Spell level effect (stackable, disenchantable)
Fortify Conjuration duration ((stackable, disenchantable)
Fortify Alteration Duration (stackable, disenchantable)
Fortify Healing spell effects (stackable, disenchantable)
Shadowfire (new enchantment) (Stacks) (Creates a black swirling energy around the wearer, causing shadow damage (ignores resistances) to nearby enemies. Can be worn twice to stack damage but doesnt stack after 2 items worn) NOT DISENCHANTABLE, has some strange effects when I attempted this.
Destiny (new enchantment, constant clavoience effect) (disenchantable)

Guardian = Reduces damage from evil creatures by 60% (does not stack, werewolves, vampires, deadra and other undead affected)
Increased Movement Speed (stackable, disenchantable)
Guiding Light (Creates a ball of light to follow the wearer)
Fortify Attack damage of all by 20% (Doesnt Stack) (same kinda thing as fortify attack in morrowind)
Nighteye ( disenchantable)

Uses about 30 new meshes and textures created for the weapons of the third era mod
with 300 variations of the new weapons.
Magic items are now very rare, but more powerful

The main reasons for making this file was because it becomes too easy
to become powerful, now there is a chance to find any weapon at any level but the chances are very small.
My aim is to give finding a magical item a feel similiar to other fantasys such as Lord of the rings, where items like gandalf's staff, the one ring, aragorns sword, etc are very rare but are powerful items that are worth finding.
Mostly only bosses carry magic items now
You can still buy items at random from venders, but the chances are significantly decreased.
Lower level items are rare, higher level items are extremely rare.
Weaker enemies have non enchanted items ranging between iron, steel, silver, dwarvern, elvish and orcish from the start.
Boss level enemies have silver, orcish and steel from the start, with a very small chance of having an ebony or daedric weapon (about 10%) and about a 5% chance of having something enchanted.
After 24 real time hours of gameplay, I found only about 10 magical items, only of which 1 was of any use. That was with all items set to 5% chance of finding one. So I changed the settings to 15% to give players a better chance at finding something.

More enchantments and items

I also need to get the value of items corrected. Some go crazy and are worth 1000000 where others are worth 1 of the same type. This is a minor issue for now, ill update it soon when I get the time.
Theres a few other minor bugs, but anything ive found thats buggy hasnt been included in this version to minimize problems. It should be fairly stable at the moment, but if you find anything that doesnt make sense let me know and ill have it done for the next version.

2. Installation.
Download the meshes and textures and Copy straight to the Skyrim / data folder

Then Download the ESP files
ONLY USE 1! Normal has items set to about 15% chance, or the 50% chance for more common magic items.
The reason they are seperate is so I dont have to upload the meshes and textures each time I update and so gamers dont have to download the whole package when updating.
There will be a update file for each version, that is all you will need to update from an old version. But if its your first download of this mod, you will need both the meshes and textures and the main file (currently Version 2)

3. Credits

Credit goes to the creator of the weapons of the third era mod for their meshes and textures. I did not make the items meshes and textures, I made the enchantments, levelled lists and the ability to temper all the items at the forge. So all weapons are fully upgradable with smithing.

Issues and bugs

Conflictions and usuage
This will conflict with anything that adits the levelled lists.
Not compatible with weapons of the third era mod, as it includes that mod

You may NOT upload this anywhere else or use it in your own mods, unless you ask me first