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A no load-door home of an old shack near a faerie ring in a hidden grove...

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You've discovered a recently repaired shack at the site of a faerie ring.. a journal in the abode gives a little insight into the history of the place... but not much ;)

A modest player home close to Bilegulch Mine with a few bits and pieces around. Aimed at a nature-based/alchemist character. In keeping with the up and comingness of the place there is the beginnings of some food storage in the area below the hut, but the previous owner didn't get a chance to do much else.

But what happened to the previous owner and who is that dog hanging around?? The faefolk are mischevious, to be sure...

Active Fast-Travel marker should show after install.

If anyone wanted to take this up and add any actual faeries or even a quest that creates a gateway to another dimension through the faerie ring, please feel free!

Hope you enjoy!

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• Skyrim up to date

:: FEATURES Template::
• Tanning Rack, Wood Chopping Block, Alchemy Table, Cooking Pot, various other bits and pieces in keeping with the general lore of the place including various none-safe containers (all sorts of theives wander the wilds you know)
• Bedding give Rested only bonus

• There are 'prayer' idle markers for NPC's at the faerie ring and also the stone circle

• none known yet