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Defeat the enigmatic twin brothers and wield their power against your enemies.

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Twin Sonaak
by: venjhammet

Far south of Rorikstead lies a nordic ruin where a powerful twin brothers who wields the power of necromantic arts lies buried for more than a thousands years ago. Venture into the depths of that forbidden catacombs and claim their power.

This was one of my early dungeon I made way back when I started making dungeon mods. It's a reworked dungeon, made some minor changes to the enemy npcs and enhancement to each cell. This will not be compatible with the Hammet's Dungeon Packs because it was part of it. This will just be an optional download for those who prefer the mod packs.

Important things to know about this dungeon:

-it uses vanilla assets only
-its uses vanilla stats and is a semi hard difficulty dungeon
-made a few reworked and enhancement on each cell (Those who played it before will notice the many changes) 
-not all draugrs will shout you to death, it gets annoying when they all gang up on you
-now compatible with my Hammet's Dungeon Packs v2.04 and above


-added Skybox lighting
-added additional room on 4th cell
-removed radiant quest enabled
-semi hard dungeon

-fix the navmesh outside so that companion will follow inside the dungeon (no vanilla exterior navmesh were touched)
-fix the trigger ambush at the final chamber
-removed key requirement to unlock door going at the final chamber
-added a new small cell at the final chamber for additional fight

An optional file Hard mode (requires Level 40 and above) has been added if you want a difficult dungeon for an extreme challenge as what it was before in the Hammet's Dungeon Pack. Radiant quest is also disabled in this hard mode. Please don't update to this version if you have a quest going here otherwise it will be difficult to finish the quest unless you are seriously up for the challenge.

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