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Thorin Crow-Claw, a druidic spellsword marked by Kyne as a hunter of curses and monsters; a witcher with a lonely life as the decades passed, training adepts including his nephew, a young hunter named Alen, now he wanders Skyrim looking for monsters to hunt and curses to lift. Character made for my story "A Path to The North" and sharing in Nexus.

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Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.

Thorin was a character I made for my story "A Path to The North", as one of the background character for my dragonborn; a witcher named Alen of Bruma, who seeks to have a better life and discover the reason of his existance, but during september during the 28th Theme hosted by Excellentium called "The Gate", I was able to make a contribution to his event writing the first chapter for a parallel story (which you can read here) I will be continuing called "Northern Tales"; telling the events that happened in Skyrim before Alduin's return with no specific chronology (Being from the current timeline of my story, or during the great war), and one of the ideas for the contribution was to make Thorin as a follower for everyone to use as he would be one of the main character of this project.

Thorin is a Lvl 60 Spellsword wearing a set of Nordic Carved Armor; a Token from Kyne and a Ring of Hircine, using spells from the apprentice and adept lvl such as Frost Cloak, Lighting Bolt, Fast Healing, Conjure Familiar and Stoneflesh, and once his magicka is depleted he will unsheath his silver sword, showing his skills in swordsmanship rushing towards his enemies... He also carries a crossbow as a backup weapon, in case he gets disarmed.

He can be found in Hunter's Rest; in Falkreath Hold. Ready to help any adventurer on the way for no charge, as he is taking a pause from his life as Monster Hunter or Spellsword for hire.

Level: Lvl 6 with a max cap of 60, Thorin levels with the player
Primary Abilities: Heavy Armor, Two handed, Destruction, Alteration, Archery
Spells: Conjure Familiar, Flames, Lighting Bolt, Frost Cloak, Fast Healing, Ironflesh
Combat Focus: Two-Handed Sword and Magic, using a crossbow on the distance.
Gear: The Crow's Armor (Armored Archmage Armor from Sforzinda), Crow-Claw (Knight sword by Billyro), Enhanced Crossbow.

Death and misery is the bread of every day the Crow of the north had to hold on, being ovewhelmed by a distant life he yearend to have, but after being more than 70 years on the path of the hunters of Kynareth and cursed by Hircine; being trained since he was a little boy after being lost on the swamps of Morthal, after getting strayed from his parent's watch; a couple of wandering hermits of Skyrim who followed the way of the voice, Thorin was found by a Bosmer Druid of Kynareth named Nathiel, who embraced him as a son and took himinto an ancient fortress where a guild of hunters and ruids were preparing a new generation of spellswords to hunt in the name on Kaan; called by many folk as Witchers, such as the years passed before he was sent towards the path with a mentor, he was able to learn many things about the past fo the preset and the future, being guided by Nathiel who had visions of possible futures, learning about the precvious crisis, such was the knowledge he gathered of life and possibilites of fate, he continued his travesy being accompannied by his mentor and trainer; Boromir Wolf-Fang, managing to gain a reputation in Skyrim as a pair of professionals in their trade.

As years passed Thorin was able to train various wicthers he was given the task, being one of the Valdimar of Morthal; the Owl, soeone that by his own will became a hunter of Kyne by his choice, seeking the tutorship of Thorin, but the now experienced witcher on his thirties found something he was seeking the most; the family he lost. Travelling towards Falkreath he encountered the old cabin of his parents, who were in their final days after being attacked by bandits, thanking The old gods of the nrods for the encounter they had, and Thror; Thorin's father, decided to ask for a last wish... taking care of his brother, a little lad of 4 years old, naming him Thrain in honor to his fallen father, thus the Crow of the north left his life behind, becoming a father figure to the young lad who grew into a fine hunter and tracker, with a spirit of an adventurer, seeking independance, something that Thorin agreed, giving his blessing and walking differents paths, reuniting when the time would be needed, thus Thrain became a member of the blades before the Great war, becoming Bolar's apprentice, and Thorin returned to the life of the witchers, regaining his reputation and making new allies; such as Idgrod Ravencrone, becoming friends and entering into a secret romance.

Many years passed as the Crow grew older and wiser, yet bitter and lonely because of the fall of his kind, only getting alliances with former companions such as the druid Nathiel, who was living peacefuly at the woods of Bruma and her Watcher over the mountains, and Valdimar who became a respectable sorcerer of Hjaalmarch, tracking down his former Mentor Boromir, who became one of Hircine's hunter, a witcher with the beast blood who decided to call himself Grimclaw, traking him down towards the Jerall Mountains, where he found a orphan in the woods nearly being hunted by the beast, and as fate could have foretold, the kid was Thorin's nephew, a boy who took a dunmer name such as Alen, thus learned the horrible news of his brother's demise at the hands of the Thalmor, taking the boy to rise him properly teaching him everything he knew... A mistake he regrets as the kid grew in the perilous path of his trade, becoming a relentless witcher with blood thirst and hate; grim thoughts and lower morale, getting marked physically and psychologically, such it was his fate as the lad was chosen by Akatosh, becoming a candidate to be the Last Dragonborn after Thrain's wife and the one who's prophecy spoke off; Yenna Bear-Bane, passed away... Nowadays Thorin is roaming the land away from the troubles, but hoping to do what is correct, resting in Falkreath hold but being kind to help the wanderers and citizes of the hold when needed.

As this mod only adds a new NPC into the world, there shouldn't be any incompatibilities with the exception of the location he is located, any reports of bugs of incompatibilities are appreciated to keep track.

Thorin is an Standalone follower, thus he doesn't require any mods to work properly, only is required the DLCs of Dawnguard and Dragonborn for his equipment. 

In order to install him, you will only need to use the mod manager of your choice (NMM, MO...) , and install it like any other mod you installed. If you do it manually, just need to extract the files into Skyrim's Data Folder.

  • Custom Voice or Quests?
Nope, unfortunately I don't have the skills or time, reason why I will be writing him on my Dragonborn's story,

  • Why a male character? And also why so old?
Thorin is meant to be an experienced hunter, someone that has been in the path and profesion for several years, decades even, being able to endure any hardships and not being a "Ken" who is good at a trade or is skilled just because he is goodlooking or something like that. And wanted to give a male follower to give some variety to the plenty of followers that are out there, plus sharing him with the community.

  • Armor and Weapons seeing on the Pics?
Ursine armor and the Ursine Silver Sword made by JRC0011 from the mods: Grandmaster Ursine Armor and JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack.

  • Location?
Hunter's Rest, at Falkreath Hold.

  • SSE Port?
One day, I hope. Here

  • Any update planned?
Giving him a beard from the mod Beards of Power, an Standalone Armor and Weapons, being hired after getting paid certain sum of money, and last but not least: An unique perk the Character will recieve after recruiting him.

  • Can you change this or that?
Nope, Thorin was concieved just as I have wrote him and plan to write him, while planning the updates I wanna make, there will not be stuff to be changed or added unless it is true to his character.

I wanna give some special thanks to my dear Shield-Sister; SerketHetyt, for spending her precious time on helping me a lot with the editing of the textures for Thorin, such as giving his tattoo on his arm and scars on his body from the overlays, including a scar on his forehead; you can check her incredible story; A Skyrim's Tale, and support her first mod, a replacer for Serana; Anima Nera, with more to come in the future.

Many thanks to Xtudo for helping me with an issue regarding his scars on his cheek, giving a solution and helping with it.

Many thanks to my dear brothers at Trollbane Company: VoDovahkiin, Thesarantis, TylerMcPotter, MrKinkuu, Khermiit and TheMagnusTheory, for testing him and giving their thoughts on it.

And a thousand thanks to Excellentium for hosting the 28th Theme, without it I wouldn't be able to try to develop Thorin's story and this could be considered as a late contribution to this past theme.

Feedback is always appreciated and well recieved!
Alongside any screenshots or showcases you want to upload :)