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Removes friendly fire from the Dragonborn's hostile magic. Your allies are unaffected by your spells & abilities, and NPCs who get hit by them don't become hostile towards you.

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NOFF | No Offensive Friendly Fire
For those who want to use Storm Call in peace, without the fear of incinerating their allies

by hesmick
Yes, I am aware that there are already other mods that exist for blocking FF, and that there aren't any notable improvements in this mod when compared to others. I simply couldn't find a mod that worked exactly how I wanted, so I made this one. Please use whichever one suits your own needs
Installation:No additional requirements - to install, simply copy the Data folder into Skyrim's main folder, or use a mod organizer.

About:NOFF makes your followers, Thralls, and Atronachs immune to your hostile magic. It works with all vanilla player-usable spells and abilities, even those from the DLCs.

Attacks with weapons will still damage your allies - NOFF is only made for spells - I might add a feature for weapons in the future.
If other mods introduce new spells into your game, NOFF is only compatible with that mod if it uses Skyrim's vanilla effects for the new spell.

With this mod you didn't have to think about accidentally killing your allies with AOE magic - spells like Chain Lightning or Unrelenting Force can turn your allies against you if used carelessly, but with NOFF that doesn't happen as your allies are immune to such effects.

Allies are unaffected by your magic

Your magic is also non-hostile, so you aren't penalized for hitting NPCs with it. Using Storm Call in a city won't give you a bounty or land you in jail.
NPCs hit by your magic won't become hostile

NOFF works with all vanilla shouts, powers, magic, and staffs that the player can use.

Spells cast by your staffs also work with NOFF.

This mod works only for spells cast by the player, spells cast by NPCs will still damage their respective allies.

NOFF doesn't change Skyrim's default resistance rules. If something is resisting a spell that doesn't make sense for this mod, it might just be one of Skyrim's default rules (for example, a Storm Atronach resisting lightning magic or a living creature resisting Bane of Undead).

Known Bugs/Issues

- If you're attacking an enemy Atronach with a spell while it hasn't detected you, it won't damage it. The Atronach needs to be aggro towards you for the spell to hit. 
- Some illusion magic still hits your Atronachs/Thralls if you have the Master of the Mind perk.
- Some magic unlocked by the PSB command that isn't meant for player use can still affect allies.

Q: How exactly does it work?

All the player's allies gain resistance to the player's spells & abilities.
When an ally is hit with one of your magic effects, you'll get the {character} resisted {spellname} message.
All NPCs, regardless of their affiliation with you, won't become hostile when hit by your magic.

Q: Who ignores AOE effects from my spells?
The mod differentiates allies from enemies by only letting spells hit if they pass the following test:

(!P or H or !S) and (!P or H or !A) and (!P or H or T)

P = Spell was cast by player
H = Target is hostile towards player
S = Target is a summoned/resurrected entity
A = Target is the player's ally/follower
T = NOFF is toggled off

to summarize:
- NPCs always hit (!P = spell was cast by NPC)
- Spells cast towards hostile characters always hit (H = spell was cast on hostile character)
- Allies & summoned entities won't get hit, unless they're hostile towards the player or an NPC cast the spell